Become a pro in MK11

Fighting games are quite tricky. They are so hard – you should memorize lots of things and invest hundreds of hours in practice. But at the same time, every step of this journey is filled with excitement. If a fighting game clicks with you, it’s a start to an awesome experience. And it’s only up to you how deep to dive into it.

Mortal Kombat 11 is a great fighting game.  It’s rather bloody and super violent, but the fighting mechanics are perfectly balanced, the variety of playable characters is extraordinary, and the space for self-improvement is breathtaking. MK11 may become your perfect gaming hobby and very good party entertainment. But what about taking it to the next level? Would you like to see your name among the top players in MK11 rankings? Then you should consider taking these 6 steps to your professional esports career in Mortal Kombat 11.

Step 1. Understand yourself

Let’s start with the most simple one. Are you sure this game is exactly that thing you are ready to play for years and years to come? There are lots of games on Xbox (just check out the Game Pass catalog). Why not give them a shot to make sure your mind and heart call you back to Mortal Kombat?

Some gamers become obsessed with every game they start playing. It’s ok for everyone, but not for a professional player. Move forward only if MK has the potential to become your Top 1 game (or at least Top 5) of all time.

Step 2. Improve your skills.

This one may seem to be very complicated but it is not if you were honest with yourself on the previous step. Getting better at Mortal Kombat is a natural and easy process for enthusiastic players.

If you want to boost your progress from a beginner to pro in MK11, here are some pieces of advice:

  • Find your perfect character and stick to them. Take your time to play with many MK 11 fighters but select one you like the most. Take them to lots of matches and training sessions to feel properly every attack, ability, and combo. Many players have their secondary fighter. Consider selecting one as well.
  • Customize the controls. You may need to change the controlling system. MK11 gives lots of options here, so check them out. Find your best pattern and then keep it to make the controlling convenient and automatic.
  • Work on combos. Your success in Mortal Kombat will be built on using effective combos in fast-changing fighting matches. You should remember your arsenal perfectly well and know which combo is good for different situations. Only practice can help here. Visit the Training mode, check out the move list, and practice linking attacks. Don’t rush the process. Make sure you have utilized everything you’ve learned. Feel free to check out combo guides for the character of your choice. But don’t copy them blindly! Adapt them to your playing style and try to come up with new ideas.
  • Don’t ignore defense. The game is not based on attacks only. Your blocks prevent damage, and it would be better to use them actively. Don’t go away from your opponent – stay close to have a chance to move from blocking to a fast opening move and the following combo.
  • Learn from professionals. Just watch esports competitions and feel what those guys do. You don’t need to write the tricks down – they will be absorbed if you pay attention to the matches and enjoy MK11 events regularly. Then try to practice whatever you saw and add these tricks into your arsenal.
  • Play couch multiplayer with those who are better than you. It’s a method to get valuable advice on your unobvious issues. And of course, it’s a way to make the practicing process even funnier.
  • Mix everything you know. Don’t stick to specific patterns. Your fights should be unpredictable. It’s easy to defeat those who rely on their standard actions. So try and be unpredictable. And also, always try to distinguish patterns of your opponents.

Step 3. Move forward. Be confident.

The process of learning the game is super long. Someone would say, you should always learn because mastering MK11 is an impossible task. This step means you don’t have to wait for that glorious moment when you are finally good at Mortal Kombat to start playing professionally.

Your confidence may have a hard time in the beginning while many opponents play much better. Nothing can push you to the top level like your own internal motivations, so don’t lose it!

Step 4. Communicate, be part of the community.

Competitive gaming doesn’t happen in empty space. It’s a social phenomenon, and you need many social connections to become a pro player. Someone will give you advice, someone will introduce you to an esports manager, and someone will invite you to a famous organization.

Take this step the same seriously as becoming better at the game. Join forums and dedicated Discord services. Stay active on social networks. Visit local clubs and plan trips to big esports events (such as EVO). Create your networking – it will open some interesting opportunities.

Step 5. Participate in each tournament you can.

First, you need to ignore prize pools and fight even for a chance to get noticed by the community. Then you will be able to get money prizes and even prefer tournaments that give you more bucks.

Of course, it’s not about the money only. It’s about the experience you get. You have to get used to the tension of pro events to be at the top of your game no matter what. Nothing is better for this than practice!

Step 6. Develop your personal brand.

Become a public person, an influencer. Share your thoughts on MK11 matches and game updates. Stream your games on Twitch. Post your Mortal Kombat videos on YouTube. Your name will gain power in people’s minds. You will be able to use it for developing your career and for moving forward when its active phase is over.

Do not build a ladder out of these steps! Imagine taking them all simultaneously or in random order – that would convey to you the chaotic experience of growing as an esports professional.

Be ready for surprises and enjoy the game. After all, your career in pro gaming would stop if the game is just a job, not a passion.