Buying an Xbox is a dream of many students. The entertainment this console offers is pretty enticing, not to mention that video games are known to have positive effects on educational achievements. So, why do only few of them choose to buy one? Well, many students think that buying a console is something out of the picture for them – all because of the budget. What most don’t stop to consider is that they don’t have to purchase the highest rated product with hundreds of gaming options and highest technology gadgets included. If you want to have some great time playing games in between paper writing and studying, this guide will help you pick the best Xbox on a budget. 


How to Choose an Xbox

The very first thing you must decide on when buying on a student’s budget is of course, the price. It all comes down to how much you can afford to pay. However, you can’t just jump into buying a used Xbox in a terrible condition just because it is the cheapest. 

You need quality and affordability, the same as you search for when looking for homework help online. As you know already, when you’re looking for some help with your research paper topics or the research paper format, you don’t just go on the first cheap site and order there. You find the best option for your budget and ask them the question: can you do my research paper for me before my deadline ends?

That being said, your decision-making process should combine the following steps:

  • Determining how much you can afford to spend on an Xbox (games included);
  • Finding a low-priced product with attractive features and of solid quality; 
  • If you don’t have the money just yet, making a plan on how to save some money or earn money while studying
  • Taking future expenses into consideration (possible repairs, subscription costs, game costs, etc.);
  • Reading reviews of different products to make the final decision. 

Your Best Options for Buying an Xbox on a Student’s Budget

To help you out, I’ve narrowed down your many choices to only two. The following Xbox products are some of the top-rated items that you can buy at a reasonably low cost. 

Xbox One S

The console’s price ranges somewhere between $250 and $300 based on the storage options (500GB or 1TB available). If you opt for this model, you can expect to spend a total of $360 to $500 based on the extra features you will need to purchase. First party controllers and third party controllers cost $45 and $25, respectively. The subscription is $40 per year, while a controller charging station costs around $30. 

Since you are a student trying to find a gaming console at an affordable cost, you should definitely be considering the Xbox One S. It’s the only offering that goes under $400 when you purchase all the necessary features and subscribe to play. Moreover, it is one of the very few consoles at this moment that has a 500GB available model. 


The Xbox One S has plenty of benefits to offer you. It plays 4K Blu-rays, eliminating the need to buy an extra gadget. It also has many compatible Xbox 360 games right there in the library, many of which are old and cheap – allowing you to save a lot in the long-term, too. 

If you opt for this item, the biggest expense you’ll have is the controller. These cost around $45- $50 apiece. You might want to go for a third-party purchase with a PowerA wired controller to save some money (these usually cost around $25). This is an excellent option if you plan to get several controllers. If you opt for the higher-priced option i.e. buy the 1TB console and first-party controllers, you’re looking at a price of around $500. 

Xbox One X

This console yields a much bigger power than the One S, but it will also cost you more. Your only option is 1TB, which makes your expenses start at $500. So basically, the starting price of the Xbox One X is the highest price for the Xbox One S, but when it comes to quality on a technical level – this is a far more attractive option. 

If you are willing to spend a bit extra, you definitely want to get this item. It would cost you the maximum of around $610 for a single controller, a subscription to Xbox Live gold, and a charging station. The add-ons have pretty much the same cost as those for the Xbox One S, but the whopping price of the console itself might be a tougher pill to swallow. 

Three wireless controllers will cost you around $135-$150, which brings the price to the maximum total of around $700-715. Once again, you can save money if you go the wired route and get third-party controllers. These will save you around $60. But, remember – your expenses don’t end here. You still have to buy some accessories like headphones and games. 

The product gives you a 4K Blu-ray player and many games at your disposal. To get the most of it, you’ll probably spend around $30 – $60 on any game you purchase. 

The bottom line

The bottom line is – both these are marvellous items that will provide you with an excellent chance to play video games. Whatever you can afford, you will definitely not regret the decision to buy an Xbox. 

Author’s bio:

Ray Campbell is a professional gamer. He uses different types of console products and tests various features such as controllers and charging station. Campbell is also a review expert on video games, which means that he’s published all over the Web.