As online gaming has continued to grow over the last several years, so has the level of competition and desire for the best possible connection. These two have led gamers to embrace VPNs as a reliable way of reducing ping, preventing DDoS attacks, and playing with players from different regions, among others.

However, VPN services are built different, and not every VPN is suitable for gaming. Some can even negatively affect your gaming experience. This post will look at the criteria you should use when choosing the best VPN for gaming.

What is a VPN?

For those that are not familiar with the technology, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a tool that encrypts user traffic then sends it to a remote server through a secure tunnel. This new server comes in between the ISP and the internet, making your connection seem as if you are browsing from the region where the server is based.

You can use a free VPN to gain several advantages of using a VPN such as a new IP address and bypassing network/ ISP restrictions. However, you will need a VPN that provides the best performance for gaming.

How to choose the best VPN for gaming


VPNs usually affect speeds due to the encryption introduced to the connection. However, the amount of speed drop witnessed usually varies with each VPN. It’s important to choose a VPN that provides top speeds to ensure that your gaming connection is not affected.

To maximize speed, always choose a light protocol such as PPTP for gaming. The encryption provided will still be enough to secure your connection.

Location of gaming VPN servers

The server locations provided by a VPN are a crucial consideration for gamers. First, you need a VPN that has servers near you to ensure that your connection is stable and latency is minimal.

Apart from that, you’ll also need VPN servers in the locations where most game servers are based or the location where your favorite online game servers are based. This is important as it will help you reduce lag if you live far from the servers.

P2P support

Some VPNs do not allow peer-to-peer or P2P connections on their network. Such a VPN would not be ideal for gaming as most popular online fighting games use P2P connections. Before you commit, check out the VPN’s stance on P2P connections or ask their live chat support agents. For VPNs with specific servers for P2P connections, ensure that you are connected to those servers before firing up your game.

The VPN’s Privacy and Security

Privacy and security are two of the biggest reasons behind VPN popularity. This means that you should ensure that your VPN is all-rounded and doesn’t keep logs of your information. Otherwise, instead of browsing/ gaming anonymously, you’ll simply be transferring your information from your ISP to another party.

Extra Functionalities

Your Xbox is much more than just a gaming console, and a good VPN can help you expand the entertainment you get from it. This is through functionalities such as unblocking streaming services. Choose a VPN that works with Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and others. This will help you get more value from your VPN.

How to use a VPN on Xbox

As you might already know, gaming consoles do not support VPN installation. However, modern routers do. You can configure a VPN on your router and then connect to the already encrypted network. If you don’t want the hassle of setting up a VPN on a router or your router doesn’t support VPN configuration, you can get a pre-configured router or set up an encrypted hotspot using your PC.