YouTube gaming channels are exploding! There are several popular gaming channels that make a decent income. Many fans enjoy watching other people play or review their favorite games. Some viewers are looking for hints or tips on how to improve their skills. You may be wondering how you can earn extra money through YouTube and gaming. We’re here to help.

All You Need for a Successful YouTube Gaming Channel

First of all, decide what games you will play. Start with the games you already own and love playing, and then learn which games are the most popular. Decide on your target audience. What type of people enjoy playing your video games? Are they mostly males or females? What is the age of your target audience? If your target audience is children or teens, make sure your content is appropriate and suitable for minors.

You need to narrow your focus down if you want to be successful. There are several different directions you could take:

  • Gameplay or live-streaming is popular
  • Reviews are helpful to many gamers
  • Many people search YouTube for walkthroughs, guides, or hints
  • Humor videos are another niche – YouTubers edit gaming videos to make a new story or make the game humorous in some way
  • Esports are becoming very popular, and pro players enjoy a huge following.

Equipment You Will Need

There is some essential equipment you will need to chart a YouTube gaming channel. A digital camera or a webcam is essential, as most viewers prefer to see the gamer’s face. A high-quality microphone, as gameplay commentary is a very important part of gaming channels. Get good quality lighting. It does not need to be professional, but you’ll need to invest in additional lighting if your room is poorly lit. If you’re on a tight budget, you can always go for something used.

Software that will capture what’s happening on your screen is another thing you’ll need. That is what the viewers come to see, after all. A good web browser will help you stay in touch with your audience and promote your channel. Windows already comes with one – you just need to enable Javascript in Edge. Video editing software will also come in handy. Fortunately, there are many free options out there that can get the job done just fine. Finally, a green screen is not necessary, but it can make your videos appear more professional. Instead of showing your bedroom or living room, show yourself in any number of fun places. 

Creating Content and Growing Your Channel

You will need to learn how to make thumbnails, introductions, and ending sequences. Learn what type of content your viewers enjoy watching. Subscribe to other channels and become friends with those YouTubers. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and advice from people with more experience. Promote your content on social media. An active social media presence is essential. Analyze the numbers, look at which videos get the most views and comments, and learn from that. Experiment with different lengths and different styles of videos. 

Final Considerations

Decide on what value you will provide for your viewers and subscribers. Do you plan to focus on entertainment? Is the community aspect going to be a big part of your channel? Do you have a great deal of knowledge or skill in a particular game? What is it about you that will appeal to viewers? Gaming YouTube channels are not just about the game. They are about the gamer as well. Do you have a good sense of humor? Are you personable and friendly? Are you super competitive? Are you a kind and compassionate person? Let your unique personality shine through.

Your viewers will be just as drawn to you as they are to your content. Many people are drawn to YouTube channels for the community aspect, so be sure to develop that. Interact in the comments and pay attention to viewer feedback. Most importantly, have fun! You may not earn extra money right away, but a YouTube gaming channel can be a very enjoyable hobby since you already love gaming!