FIFA 22 is heating up as we approach the end of the current Future Stars promotion.

Many players are coming down in value in the game’s exciting FUT mode, with icons such as Hugo Sanchez and Rivaldo now costing fewer than 500,000 coins. It seems the market is much more affordable than in recent years, with the influx of cards helping to keep prices low.

The Future Stars promo doesn’t do a lot to help the market; players are unlikely to have been using the original Emile Smith-Rowe card before switching to his overpowered alternative, but some promotions do push down prices, leaving players such as Erling Haaland easy for players to buy. However, as easy as it might be to assemble an 88-rated squad, you do still need coins. Indeed, according to FutWiz, you’ll need 29,750 coins on Xbox to bag the Dortmund man.

Did you know it is possible to bag more than 10,000 coins a day just by trading? Indeed, some players manage to increase their tally by much more, just with a bit of sensible buying and selling. If you’re new to the game or need a final push to grab that TOTY Honourable Mentions Haaland, then here are two ways you can do it.

Trade at the Right Time

As well as the numerous seasonal promotions, there are certain events over a week that allows you to get ahead in terms of trading. One of those is around the announcement of the FIFA 22 Team of the Week. When a player enters the TOTW, his gold card is taken out of normal packs for a week; that means the value could go up. If you think ahead and understand football, you might be able to stockpile a certain card. For example, Bruno Fernandes is rated 88 on the game, and his card typically costs 31,000. His Manchester United side are not amongst the favourites for the title in the current Premier League odds with Coral, so if he were to score in a draw with a top team, say, Liverpool, he could make the TOTW. Say the game was on a Sunday; you’ve got three days to buy up as many Fernandes as you can, ready to offload them once he enters TOTW. This is dependent on him being picked for TOTW, of course, and the card being attractive. 88-rated cards are used in Squad Building Challenges, so he could easily increase by a few thousand in value.

Be aware of the FIFA tax (the levy placed upon deals), and make sure you’ve offloaded before the next TOTW. At that stage, his gold card is back in packs, and there’s a better card (TOTW) on the market too, affecting the price.

Bronze Trading

This is a method you’ll need the app for, almost certainly. Bronze rare cards are the ones you’re looking for, but you have to time you purchase and sell right. Firstly, set your transfer search to rare bronze cards, with a maximum price of 150 coins. That’s not Buy It Now, but the general bid price. Now, set ten minutes aside to bid on as many as you can simply. You might win 20%; you might win 80%. Sunday morning is a good time to do this, as people generally sell cards from the Squad Battles rewards, so you’ll win more. You might spend 30,000 and get 200 cards. That’s good because you’re playing the long game.

Now, wait until SBCs start dropping, which is your time to sell. Thursday evening, Marquee Matchups time is good, but other SBCs often need bronze cards so just be ready around 6 pm UK time every day. All you do is take the cards you’ve bought and list them at 400 Buy It Now. It’s really that simple; impatient people completing SBCs will snap them up. You might even get 450 or 500 for them, but as a bare minimum, you’ll double your money. If you stockpile enough and time it right, you can make tens of thousands of coins in one swoop. Handy for grabbing that Haaland card or TOTW Fernandes to boost your squad.