Wrestling fans worldwide were electrified at the news that WWE 2K15 is coming to the next-gen of consoles, now they must ensure this latest in the series entertains the people.

There’s very few details about the game as of yet so this is what I, as a long-time fan on the WWE product on TV and in video games, would love to see changed from last time or anything that should be included. The easiest improvement on paper by upgrading to the next-gen is surely for the visual side and making the superstars look more realistic especially in the finer details.

Now for the core of previous successes, we’ve had the Attitude Era and the WrestleMania moments which rekindled the fire inside many old school fans whilst enlightening the new breed and they were great there’s no doubt. Unfortunately these were a collection of one-off scenarios that once completed had limited replayability for most players. What could be the logical progression to this is adding additional scenarios regularly, whether these are from recent PPVs or even recent weekly shows like Raw, it would surely keep it fresh and add longevity. Dare I suggest charging for a form of Season Pass that gives access to a year’s worth of new match-ups and even wrestlers if need be.

An actual career mode is long gone and to be honest I don’t make much of WWE Universe mode, it needs to go back to its old SmackDown video game roots. Well for some things at least, I want to be able to create a character to climb the wrestling ladder to the top. With NXT being a more prominent aspect of WWE now, where the raw talent can learn to hone their skills and wow the crowd in house and on TV, we could begin there.


They wouldn’t even have to risk including too many real NXT superstars in-case they get “future endeavoured” (Ohno, Grey etc.) but instead have random custom wrestlers (remember the crazy characters that used to feature?) make an appearance. To become a star you have to gain the approval of the crowds with exciting matches and have choices made for interview topics make dynamic changes to the future. Obviously after NXT would be SmackDown, Raw, regular PPV appearances and finally being in the WrestleMania main event, I’m excited even contemplating it!

Two things that have been almost non-existent are having an interesting online offering and more of a reason to use the Divas in matches. The latter could be helped by having a Divas route to go down in the career but also they could think of capitalising on the recent rise in the Divas division from top to bottom by doing a recollection of classic moments. Wrestlers from recent times e.g. Paige, AJ Lee, Alicia Fox and Natalya alongside past stars Trish Stratus, Lita, Michelle McCool and Maryse. It’s been a while since women’s wrestling got a push on TV so now is the opportune moment to help promote them in-game too.

Online could be beyond help; however I could imagine my interest peaking if you rose through divisions represented by titles and were better matched on ability. To prevent everyone using John Cena and Daniel Bryan every match, have the lower divisions (NXT Title, US Title, to name but a few) allow you to pick the lower to mid-card wrestlers and restrict usage of the big characters for the gamers in the WWE World Heavyweight title division. Vice versa would possibly work better but either way at the moment I have little reason to venture into online multiplayer.


My final request would be a huge roster, even bigger than last time and it’s quite easily done. The legend contracts WWE have with past stars will no doubt mean many of those vintage characters can return. I love performing a Stone Cold Stunner on an unsuspecting opponent but we need wrestler we haven’t played as before or haven’t done for a while. Adding the complete Raw/SmackDown roster is a start and then maybe the brightest stars of NXT, who right now would be Adrian Neville, Tyler Breeze and Charlotte. Then get those old alumni contacts on the phone and bring in the likes of WGTT (Haas and Benjamin), DDP, Haku and Lance Storm.These are merely a few of the many names that could bring a spark to WWE 2K15.

My eyes are wide open here, I don’t expect even half of these ideas to come to fruition but maybe if 2K is reading this it’ll spur on any similar ideas they have. This is my dream WWE 2K15 video game, what’s yours?

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