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Back in June 2020 NACON and Neopica Studio dropped Hunting Simulator 2 on to Xbox One and PS4 and whilst it didn’t have enough about it to challenge the brilliant theHunter: Call of the Wild for genre top spot, it just about did the job. Now though, as a new free update rolls out for the game, comes confirmation that it’ll also soon be launching on next-gen consoles.

Coming to Xbox Series X|S and PS5 next Spring, with visual improvements and additional content being included to up the realism slightly, if you haven’t yet checked out Hunting Simulator 2, then that may be the best time to give it a shot.

For now though, for those who have already purchased the game, we find a current-gen free update appearing. Pushed out to Hunting Simulator 2 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC this brings with it improvements for graphics, in-game lighting, as well as interface and vibration iterations. With the base game now holding new rare varieties for 27 of the animals included in the game, and the chance for players to explore the vast environements in-game, those seeking for their prey will have a chance to see these animals in all their glory. Although it will not be possible to hunt them all – as the game respects the real regulations in terms of protected species – there will also be the chance to unlock new exploration trophies.

Should you not yet have experienced Hunting Simulator 2 but are tempted, let us fill you in on the basics, mostly of which centre around hours of hunting, plenty of challenge, full immersion and bigger, more varied and more spectacular natural environments thanks to completely redesigned graphics and sound effects. You’ll get access to all that by hitting up the digital store of your choice.

Let us know in the comments what you think of Hunting Simulator 2, and whether or not the Xbox Series X|S and PS5 versions will be enough to tempt you in.

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1 year ago

I like the game but it needs more transportation.