You probably don’t know it, but you’ve no doubt got more in common with Super Hyperactive Ninja than you realise. See, if the coffee runs out in Super Hyperactive Ninja, then it’s game over. Just. Like. In. Real. Life.

Available today on Xbox One, with a PS4 and PC launch a few days ago, Super Hyperactive Ninja tells the tale of what might just happen should you not manage to utilise the power of coffee.

See, this is a game which tasks you with doing one thing – recovering the stolen coffee before you fall asleep. And by using the power of caffeine this 2D hardcore platformer will see you able to enter Hyperactive Mode to run faster and kill quicker. But just like any energy limits, you’ll need use it wisely and keep it charged up at all times. How? By finding more coffee of course!

With a solo campaign that features more than 50 levels, a crazy fast paced 1-on-1 battle with friends in the hidden Fight Mode and the chance to use weird and wonderful characters from other games – Jack from Caveman Warriors and Ace from Ice Cream Surfer anyone? – Super Hyperactive Ninja promises much for the price.

Do you need coffee to help you through the day? You should get a shot of the good stuff by downloading Super Hyperactive Ninja on Xbox One right now. The Microsoft Store will let you in on the action for £7.19.

Still not sure? Keep an eye out for our upcoming review.

Game Description:

Get ready to tune up your coffee-ninja skills, you will need them in this hardcore platformer! Super Hyperactive Ninja is a fast-paced hyper-caffeinated action-platformer in 2D, designed with those who want a real tough challenge and speedrunners in mind. The evil Shogun has stolen all the coffee from the secret ninja village of Kohinomura, recover it before you fall asleep! You will play as Kohimaru, the last of the Coffee-Nin, to defeat the Shogun’s army of evil ninjas and samurai, and his great yokai generals. Save your fellows and recover the Legendary Coffee, which it’s said to grant infinite energy to the one who takes it whole without milk. Use the power of caffeine to enter Hyperactive Mode, to run faster and kill enemies, but use it wisely! You won’t be able to change direction while in Hyperactive Mode, and it drains your energy faster. Your energy is limited, and must be recharged with the coffees you find in the levels. If you run out of caffeine, its GAME OVER! Race against your cruelest enemy: SLUMBER! Features: – More than 50 levels of fast paced hyperactive action – Difficult and challenging, but fair – Speedrun friendly – Discover new ways to play and secret paths using the unlockable items and characters – Hidden 2-player fighting mode – Guest characters from awesome indie games

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