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There are all manner of offroad racing experiences available on Xbox One, but from today yet another option opens up, as Offroad Racing – Buggy X ATV X Moto goes full speed ahead.

Available to purchase and download on Xbox one this very minute, Offroad Racing – Buggy X ATV X Moto may not run the same lines of something like DiRT Rally 2.0, but it does perhaps become a viable alternative to Gravel and the multitude of MX vs ATV titles available – MX vs ATV All Out Anniversary being the standout of those.

Priced at £24.99, this under-the-radar offroading experience may seem a little expensive initially, but when you take a look at the opportunities on offer, should well find that it is worthy of a shot.

See, not only does Offroad Racing do as the name suggests – dropping you into the action of a quad bike, buggy or motocross race, but with single player options that cover a full Season mode, a Championship to immerse yourself in, some time trialling madness and the good old Hot Lap, you shouldn’t find yourself bored anytime soon. 

All this action looks set to take place across the most stunning offroad tracks too, with straights to hit, corners to nail and jumps perfect for performing crazy stunts. 

There is also a full multiplayer suite of modes available as well, with 4 modes – Last Man Riding, King of the Road, Hunter and Golden Helmet – bringing a variety of game types. If you can coerce your mates to join you, you’ll be sorted.

This all comes together to ensure that if you’re on the hunt for a new offroading experience then spending time at the Xbox Store, considering a download of Offroad Racing – Buggy X ATV X Moto should be something to take in. Make sure you let us know if you do decide to run this offroad route. The comments are below.

Game Description:

Ride off the beaten track! Offroad Racing offers a huge choice of all-terrain vehicles to get away from everyday life. Bomb along in a quad bike, buggy or motocross race and enjoy the change of scenery as you explore immersive offroad tracks. 5 singleplayer game modes: – Dedicate your life to offroad racing in Season mode. – Fulfil your destiny in Championship mode. – Don’t have time? The Race-against -the-clock and Single race modes are for you. – Not afraid of the heat? Try Hot Lap! Multiplayer modes: In addition to the single-player modes also playable in multiplayer, discover 4 modes that can only be played in multi-player mode: Last Man Riding, King of the Road, Hunter and Golden Helmet! Stunning offroad tracks: In Offroad Racing, one thing’s for sure, you’re in for a hectic ride. The tracks are bendy, full of surprises and perfect for performing mad stunts! And as if that wasn’t enough, you also get stunningly beautiful views. Crazy riders: The riders you choose from are battle-hardened veterans. They live for offroad racing, speed and risks!

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