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Following the recent and pretty decent Dragon Lapis, KEMCO are back publishing yet another JRPG for our perusal. This time it’s Crystal Ortha’s chance to dazzle on Xbox One and PC, with a band of adventurers set to go search for the mother lode of legend. Will you be joining their exploits?

Crystal Ortha is a classic RPG, featuring a pixelated world that’s full of cute anime style characters. The story begins when a group of devoted crystal appraisers, hanging out at the town tavern, decide to go off in search of a far-away legend. Subsequently, there’s a lot resting on the success of the journey ahead for these four, like-minded, allies. All they need to do is find the mother lode of crystals!

Throughout Crystal Ortha you’ll be solving puzzles in dungeons and striking up conversations with the people within this world. The tougher battles with bosses feature dialogue too, which might even give you a few hints about the tactics to employ. You can fill the skill slots with your preferred skills in order to be prepared for strategic turn-based battles you’ll face. That’s not all either, with finding ores important in regards to crafting weapons, while it’s also useful to generally search around to get items to aid on your adventure.

If you’re ready to watch over the fate of these crystal seekers, Crystal Ortha is available on the Xbox Store for £12.49 and is an Xbox Play Anywhere title. There are a few pieces of DLC to consider as well, including the encounter avoiding Magic Pancho (£2.49), the self-explanatory boost of Experience x3 (£4.19), and a Damage x2 (£4.19) boost. You’ll also be able to purchase Crystal Ortha over on Steam!

Game Description:

Today too, in the town tavern the crystal appraisers devote themselves to their business, in search of a far-off legend. Set off on a journey, with four allies who have the future on their shoulders, to find the legendary crystal mother lode! Enjoy solving puzzles in dungeons, and strike up conversations with the people around the world. Battles with bosses feature conversations, which might even give you some hints about tactics! Fill the skill slots with the skills you like to be prepared for strategic turn-based battles. Find the ores to craft weapons and search around pots and objects to get items for your adventure. Watch over the fate of the crystal seekers until the end of their journey!

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