Yes, The Golf Club 2 may have outstanding and realistic visuals, accurate tournaments and environments, as well as an expansive course creator – but sometimes you want a bit more colour and cartoon in your life. And both of those are here in abundance with Infinite Minigolf.

Available right now from Zen Studios, Infinite Minigolf brings simple, accessible controls and plenty of wacky power-ups to aid you in your quest for crazy golfing supremacy. It’s priced at just £11.99 too.

Infinite Minigolf is definitely not short of content and probably never will be, thanks to its in-depth course creator which allows the community to play any created course. These courses will most likely have all manner of unusual objects littered about them. You thought playing through a group of crocodiles in The Golf Club 2 was hard? Try smacking a golf ball round a twisting hole with a massive tarantula in the way.

I say massive, as a few levels are set in the Giant Home, but you will also find yourself playing a round or two in the Nightmare Mansion or the icy landscape of Santa’s Factory, with every level bringing accurate physics which could see your ball careening off in the opposite direction you anticipated if it were to strike an object. Any of these environments can be utilised for editing purposes too, so the opportunities for your level creations are pretty much endless.

With customisable avatars, pre-generated tournament holes and a broad level creator, Infinite Minigolf is, well, infinite, especially seeing as cross-platform course sharing will let you in on a bit of an Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch love-in! To get involved, just hop over to the Xbox Games Store right now, get your download in and enjoy what it has to offer. 

Our full review will be live very very soon. Don’t miss it.

Game Description:

Create and play on an unlimited amount of minigolf courses in Infinite Minigolf, a never ending minigolf experience from the experts at Zen Studios! Take part in competitive tournaments and challenges, unlock and utilize powerups, and experience unique gameplay, amazing graphics, and more wrapped up in the coolest minigolf game available.

Infinite Minigolf crafts an astounding minigolf experience with accurate physics, dazzling graphics and detailed environments, each one with a distinct visual theme and gameplay features.

Use the game’s robust toolset to create your own amazing minigolf courses and share them with the community, showcasing your creative abilities to other players worldwide. Create, share and play with the Infinite Minigolf community now!

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