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Get your kicks by exploring dark haunting suburban surroundings? Infliction: Extended Cut on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch is going to be for you. 

Available to purchase and download from the usual console digital stores, Infliction: Extended Cut is the enhanced edition of the critically acclaimed, rather harrowing Infliction which has been doing the rounds over on PC. Now though, it’s here on console and promises to bring everything that has intrigued the PC community plus a whole ton more.

Priced at £15.74 – although an initial launch discount on Xbox One is in place thanks to the latest Deals With Gold sale – Infliction: Extended Cut will see you delving into a dark world that focuses time and efforts on a once happy home. Tragedy has struck though and you are left to follow the life of Gary R. Pout as he attempts to put together the pieces behind a strange set of events. 

Working its way into your life as a supernatural horror tale, Infliction’s narrative plays with real-world worries and anxieties all whilst probing into the world of the supernatural and existential ideas. With Gary trying to bring together everything within, and you left to hunt down new paths, hidden secrets and more, Inflicted certainly looks to have everything needed of a great horror tale. 

As always our full review will be able to let you know how things play out fully and we advise you to keep an eye out for it. In the meantime however the Xbox Store, the PlayStation Store and the Nintendo eShop will sort you out with a download.

Let us know if you decide to take in its madness.

Game Description:

Infliction is an interactive nightmare, a horrific exploration of the darkness that can lurk within the most normal-looking suburban home. Wander through the remnants of a once-happy family, reading letters and journals, listening to voicemails, and piecing together clues to understand the terrible events that led you here. However, you are not alone. Something else has remained in this house, a being of infinite grief and rage. While you hunt for clues, it hunts you, waiting for its chance to unleash its anger on you. Can you survive long enough to find atonement? You are not alone A restless AI enemy will be stalking you, and you really don’t want to be caught. Will you hide, or find some way to fight back? Warped reality Explore a realistic, interactive suburban house that gets more fractured and twisted the deeper you go. Piece it together Read letters, find diaries, and examine the precious mementos of a broken family to understand the terrible events that led you here. Almost too real The story is grounded in real-world domestic tragedy, the fears and hurts that we all know: broken hearts, betrayed trust, grief, and loss. Light and dark The power of Unreal renders a photorealistic environment with dynamic lights and shadows that can dazzle you or plunge you into darkness.

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