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We’re big fans of the tees and hoodies that Insert Coin Clothing sell and the latest Metal Gear range from them is pretty damn smart.

Okay, so it’s not strictly Xbox related but we thought you might like to hear and see about the new range anyways. We think the latest threads are pretty damn awesome and wouldn’t want you to miss out on something so good.

Inspired by the 1998 Metal Gear Solid game, the latest range will soon be available for purchase (maybe by the time you’re reading this the goodies will be on sale!), and brings a few tees, a hoodie, some patches and a neat fully buttoned shirt.

In image order we have the following: Shadow Moses hoodie, Shadow Moses Self Storage tee, Psycho Mantis, FoxHound tee, FoxHound patches. Make your way to InsertCoinClothing to check them out and prepare yourself for the launch later this year.

Shadow Moses

Self Storage

Psycho Mantis

Foxh  Hound shirt

Fox Hound tee

Fox Hound patches


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