gallic wars battle simulator release

Tactical planning, strategic thinking, roguelike dynamics and full inspiration coming about thanks to the iconic Asterix. Admit it, you’re sold on Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator already. Aren’t you?

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator has previously done the rounds on PC through Steam, but now it’s time for the strategic plays of the battlefield to come to console, with Xbox players able to get involved in the madness of the ruck. 

Priced at just £4.19, Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator really does do as it says on the tin, placing you in charge of a group of Roman warriors, heading forward in hope of conquering all lands. It’s here where your tactical nous will come into play as you go about deploying your troops, planning their exact movements and utilising the power of not just the sword, but magic and other items, in order to find success. 

A cartoon-styled visual approach is what MadGamesmith and Ultimate Games are utilising here, with inspiration for Gallic Wars’ creation coming from the legendary Asterix. That fun theme should roll out to the gameplay mechanics too, with ragdoll physics, easy to understand yet hard to master ideas, and fast gameplay all bringing together what should make this Battle Simulator great. 

Of course, whether it is great or not is fully up for debate until our full review of Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator on Xbox is here. Keep an eye out for it. 

Key features include:

  • Experience a unique mix of a strategy game with rogue-like elements.
  • Fight bloody battles presented in a graphic style inspired by the Asterix comic book series.
  • Use magic spells, traps, catapults, various weapons, and generals’ special skills to save the Gauls from the Romans.
  • See how the Roman troops fall apart just like in cartoons, thanks to the ragdoll physics.
  • Find out if the game’s challenging difficulty level will meet your strategy skills.

Should you be after some fun-filled wartime action, then consider a purchase of Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. It’s available from the usual Xbox Store

Game Description:

Gallic Wars is a Roguelike tactical strategy game. Fast gameplay, crazy rag-doll physics and challenging rouge-like approach to strategy. Fight your way through roman legions. DEPLOY your troops, PLAN their movement, use magic and items to give yourself an edge, and WIN.

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