Curve Digital have dropped their latest bundle onto the Xbox One Games Store…fancy saving a little cash?

Available right now for download is the Instant Indie Collection Volume 2. Costing £19.99, it comes with Nova-111, Pumped BMX+ and The Swindle all included. That represents a significant saving over purchasing each title individually and so if you haven’t yet grabbed them, be sure to think about grabbing the Collection Volume 2 instead.

If you’re tempted, then why not check out our reviews of all the games first? You can find our thoughts on Nova-111, Pumped BMX+ and indeed The Swindle by clicking these links.

Game Description:

Hack, steal and sneak your way around victorian steampunk London in The Swindle, explore space in a quest to rescue 111 scientists caught in the aftermath of the universe’s greatest experiment in Nova-111, and throw down your best stunts and tricks to become the ultimate BMX star in Pumped BMX +. This star- studded second volume in the Instant Indie Collection series is the perfect way to explore the very best of indie. Experience over 25 hours of some of the most well-known and loved indie games available. This Pack includes: The Swindle Nova-111 Pumped BMX +



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