Circa Infinity Xbox

Not to be confused with the band Circa Survive, this new release is however also a psychedelic musical experience. Circa Infinity releases today on Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

A hypnotic game like no other, Circa Infinity will have you diving through circular layers to reach your goal. Through 50 levels of brain-melting platforming, can you make it to the core? It is a traditional platformer housed within a mind-bending circular arena; jump and dodge enemies to progress. Also within these 50 levels are five bosses all wanting to stop you in your tracks.

Don’t be deceived by this minimalist looking game, Circa Infinity is designed to disorientate and hypnotise you into making a mistake. The deeper you go, the faster the action gets. Make it to the end and test yourself even further with speedrun mode.

Circa Infinity is a highly engaging game with intense gameplay and visuals. It is like the gaming equivalent of an espresso IV drip. Not the ideal game to relax with on an evening. For that we instead recommend Unpacking.

Featuring a pulse-pounding soundtrack from Jack and Jim Fay, Circa Infinity is out now on Xbox, priced at £10.74. Purchase it early and bag yourself a bit of a discount with a saving of £2.15, down to £8.59. If you like your gaming intense, Circa Infinity should be on your radar. For just how intense it can be, stay tuned for a review coming real soon.

Game description:

Reach the core of each level by slipping through a series of circular layers. Time your jumps carefully to avoid the creatures that reside within the circles and reach the next layer. As you go deeper, the action gets faster and more challenging! Can you keep up? 50 stages of mind-bending action are waiting for you, with 5 bosses that will test your nerves. You can also test yourself in speedrun mode. Hypnotic visuals and pumping soundtrack will turn up the already intense gameplay experience. Think of Circa infinity as a live music video, with challenging action and psychedelic graphics!

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