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What are you doing this Valentine’s Day? Wining and dining your loved one? Opening all the cards from secret admirers? Or just sitting down with a rather lovely abstract puzzler on Xbox One? We know what we’d rather do.

Available for download right now is iO on Xbox One, PS4, PS Vita, Windows Phone. Priced at £6.39, iO takes you through more than 200 levels of brain taxing opportunities. There is one sole goal in iO – that of moving your small lonely ball across a stage into the wormhole that represents the level end. But whilst that may seem easy, in reality it is anything but and you;l need to make your ball grow, and shrink, as you work out the best route to success.

Our full review is live right now and tells you much more about the game – and indeed whether or not it is worth a purchase. If you like what you are seeing, then make sure you hop over to the Xbox Games Store and grab it right away.

At least it’ll keep you busy on this magical day of love.

Features include:

  • Roll your way out; use your speed and skills to overcome more than 225 puzzling challenges on your way to the exit point.
  • Pure gameplay; strip away distraction and get back to the essence of logical thinking and puzzle solving.
  • Savvy gravity; overcome physics-based challenges using weight, speed and momentum while shrinking and growing your ball.
  • Crafty mechanics; navigate through a universe with elements like physics based objects, portals, contraptions and inverted gravity. Try to master them all.
  • Become iO’s top Medalist; race through each level as fast as you can to shave fractions off your time and go for Gold on every level!

Game Description:

iO is a physics platformer in which you control a ball. By growing or shrinking the ball you can influence its speed and weight. Use these mechanics to gain momentum and make your way through the levels. Toy with the laws of physics, solve the puzzles and reach the exit as quickly as possible. Can you win the gold medal in all levels?


  1. You mention this is out on Windows phone in the title but I cannot find it? New windows phone games are kind of a big deal to me because we don’t get too many of them!


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