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After a couple of setbacks and a slight name change, the retro style FPS Ion Fury has finally exploded onto Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Get ready to feast your eyes on a potential successor to the likes of Duke Nukem 3D and Shadow Warrior.

Ion Fury, the game formerly known as Ion Maiden, is an old school first-person shooter and the debut title from developers Voidpoint. Total badass Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison is the protagonist of this adrenaline-fuelled, gore-filled experience set in a world put together through the use of hand-crafted textures and sprites. It even utilises the classic Build engine, integrated with a host of modern features – such as headshots, environmental interaction, auto-saves, and improved physics – in order to create a more accessible version of a ‘90s style FPS.

In Ion Fury, Shelly must take down the sadistically evil Dr. Jadus Heskel and his ever-growing cyber cult before it’s too late for Neo DC. You’ll have to decimate cyborg infantry, giant robots, and even wendigos using weapons that really pack a punch. There’s Shelly’s trusty triple-barreled Loverboy revolver, the incendiary based Penetrator SMGs, and the grenade launching Disperser shotguns, to name just a few. So prepare to duck, jump, climb, swim, and blast your way through seven thrilling zones to succeed.

Those wishing to embrace this old school shooter in all its glory can do so by purchasing it from the Xbox Store for £19.99, as well as the respective digital stores of the aforementioned platforms. Before making a decision about picking Ion Fury up, feel free to read our full review and check out our Let’s Play, which features 30 minutes of gameplay!

Game Description:

Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison takes on a quest to slay evil transhumanist mastermind Dr. Jadus Heskel in the streets of Neo DC. She leaves a trail of carnage throughout huge, multi-path levels filled with gigantic explosions, more secret areas than we can count, and inhuman foes behind every corner. There’s no regenerating health here; stop taking cover and start running and gunning. Shelly’s crusade to take down Heskel’s army will see her leave destruction in her wake with a wide arsenal of weapons, complete with alternate fire modes and different ammo types. Ion Fury laughs at the idea of mandatory checkpoints and straight paths through shooting galleries. But, just because this is a true old-school first-person shooter doesn’t mean we’ve ignored all the good new stuff the last two decades have brought. Headshots? Hell yeah. More physics and interactivity? You betcha. 3DRealms, Voidpoint and 1C Entertainment have taken the best of both worlds and cooked it all into a bloody stew.

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