pinball fx 2 iron and steel

Zen Studios have dropped two new tables for Pinball FX2 on Xbox One and Xbox 360…will you go with the iron or the steel?

Available today for Xbox 360 and from the 26th Feb on Xbox One, the two new tables for Pinball FX2 bring the Wild West and CastleStorm into pinball form. What’s not to like?

Game Description:

Experience the thrilling blend of Medieval times and the Old West with CastleStorm and Wild West Rampage in Iron & Steel Pack!

In CastleStorm pinball, players will team up once again with the heroic knight Sir Gareth as he returns to protect the Kingdom from the relentless hordes of vicious Vikings and their raging leader, Chief Ramhorn. The table features single and multiball game modes set within a Viking stronghold, an enormous fire breathing dragon, an armored troll, and even a charming donkey!

The Wild West Rampage table meanwhile stars a bold bounty hunter, Cindy, who has a bone to pick with the Sheriff of Rackton Point. Hit the trail and experience an exciting Western-inspired playfield complete with a rolling 3D steam engine, swinging saloon doors, a six-shooter ball locker, and duels with members of Sheriff Evans’ posse!

You can pick up the pack right now from the Xbox Games Store. £3.99 should be enough for the download. Failing that, there’s a trial available for the Xbox 360 version.

Full release dates are as follows:

  • Zen Pinball 2 on PS3, PS4 & Vita: $4.99/€4,99/£3.99 for the two-table pack. Available in North America on February 24 and Europe on February 25
  • Zen Pinball 2 for Mac: $2.99/€2,99/£2.29 for individual tables, available on February 25
  • Pinball FX2 for SteamXbox 360: $4.99/€4,99/£3.99 for the two-table pack, available Feb 25
  • Pinball FX2 for Xbox One: $4.99/€4,99/£3.99 for the two-table pack, available on Feb 26
  • Zen Pinball for iOS: $.99/€,99/£.79 for individual tables, available Feb 26
  • Zen Pinball HD for Android & Amazon: $.99/€,99/£.79 for individual tables, available Feb 26

castlestorm pic 1

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