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We’ve been looking forward to being able to bring you a release date for Dreadbit Games’ Ironcast ever since we first went hands on with it at EGX 2015. Well, the wait is over…are you ready for battle?

After originally releasing on PC in March of 2015, Ironcast will be arriving on Xbox One come March 4th 2016 with PS4 players being given the chance to grab the game from 1st March dependent on their region.

Set in an alternate Victorian history, Ironcast will see you take charge of a seven metre tall walking Ironcast, giving you the ability to fight off an invading force as you attempt to defend 1880’s Victorian England. Battles are fought using resource nodes which must be earnt in order to power the Ironcast’s weapons and defensive systems. But you’ll have to choose your nodes wisely as they are in limited supply and one wrong move could well mean disaster.

We’ll have a launch trailer for you in the coming weeks, and we will of course remind you when the game becomes available for purchase.

Prepare yourself for war!

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