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Is the Rocket League NASCAR 2021 Fan Pack Worth the Money?


I don’t claim to know anything at all about NASCAR, but I do appreciate a fast-looking car when one blitzes past me and my Skoda Fabia on the M62. And the beauty of this new NASCAR 2021 Fan Pack is that even someone like me can enjoy the three new cars on offer here in this latest Rocket League offering, without knowing too much about the sport itself.

NASCAR Rocket League

But what are the new cars available in this pack? Well, none other than the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro and Toyota Camry; all stalwarts of the driving world. All of these cars also have numerous decals based on various NASCAR teams and drivers, giving you the ability to show your team colours too. The Mustang for example has decals based on Roush Fenway Racing, Stewart-Haas Racing and Team Penske, all featuring their various sponsorship deals such as Pennzoil and Oscar Mauer.

The Camaro has one additional decal for a total of four unique ones: Chip Ganassi Racing, Hendrick Motorsports, Richard Childress Racing and Richard Petty Motorsports. Finally, we have the Camry and that only has two – 23XI Racing and Joe Gibbs Racing. These are however adorned by McDonalds and M&Ms respectively, so instantly became my favourites.

These same decals are also available as player banners, so you can either double down your support, or show your split allegiance.

Rocket League NASCAR 2021 Fan Pack

What is worth noting though is that these do not change colours at all when in a match of Rocket League, no matter whether you play for blue or orange. That may cause confusion to others online. A word of caution.

If you have never seen these cars then the Mustang and Camaro are two of the most iconic muscle cars out there, and the Camry isn’t too dissimilar in terms of design. Each car comes with their respective car manufacturer logo on the front and yes, in the Mustang’s case, that does include the unmistakable galloping horse.

Each of the three cars also come with a generic NASCAR x RL decal that features the NASCAR racing stripes down the middle along with the Rocket League logo on the bonnet. The rest of the car is black. Despite the work gone into the faithful recreations of the licensed decals, this more understated design is perhaps the best one in the pack. It’s sleek and smart, but once again doesn’t change colour for which team you are representing.

The 2021 Fan Pack also includes new wheels from Goodyear, a new topper in the form of a NASCAR baseball cap and the NASCAR racing stripes as a trail. Sadly, the new wheels that feature that classic Goodyear logo cannot be added to any of the other Rocket League chassis, but the topper and trail can be. In fact, even without downloading this collection, the trail is available for free to all players.

NASCAR Rocket League Xbox

Perhaps unsurprisingly then, is the inability to really customise these cars any other way. For example, no antennas can be added at all, and the only topper that can be introduced is the NASCAR baseball cap.

The NASCAR 2021 Fan Pack arrives in Rocket League as a collaboration between the two brands and will be appearing sporadically throughout the year in line with major NASCAR events. It is only available through Rocket League itself – remember though that it is now free-to-play and doesn’t require Xbox Live Gold either – valued at 2000 credits in the Item Shop, which works out at just under £15. The in-game representations of these classic cars are pretty good, though they do look a bit inferior when up against the bigger Rocket League designs such as the Grog or Merc. If you are a die-hard Rocket League and NASCAR fan this 2021 Fan Pack makes absolute sense. For everyone else though, there is a lot more content that is worthy of your credits.

Massive thanks to Pysonix for providing us access to the Rocket League NASCAR 2021 Fan Pack on Xbox.

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