Don’t you sometimes long to see new games that feature some of history’s most fascinating places and cultures? The Inca and Aztec civilisations are among the interesting periods of the planet’s past, yet they aren’t represented in as many games as they could be.

What games of this type can you play just now, though? Are there further opportunities for developing thrilling games based on these Pre-Columbian cultures and their ways of life?

What Can You Play Just Now?

Of course, there have been some games already developed around these captivating cultures and settings. Yet, it is fair to say that the Aztec and Inca civilisations offer the possibility of a far wider range of games than those that are available just now.

Among the current options, Civilization is a strategy game that lets you build up an empire little by little. Among the different groups that you will come across are the wealthy Aztecs, who are constantly keen to expand their borders and capture more territory.

There are also a number of casino-based slots games that feature these cultures. One example is the Amazing Aztecs slot that brings together some fascinating images and icons of the period. This is one of the classic slots online that are designed like traditional slots machines from Las Vegas.

Another popular slot is Gonzo’s Quest, which shows us the culture from the perspective of a Spanish explorer. So, what other games could be made that take us back in time to the glory days of these empires?

Could the Aztec Ballgame work as a Multi-Player Title?

The advanced Aztec Empire once ruled massive swathes of Central America. The arrival of a small group of Spanish conquistadores put an end to their golden age, but we know a lot about them thanks to archaeological digs and written evidence.

One of the most exciting elements of their culture was the famously brutal ballgame that involved hitting a heavy rubber ball, mainly using the player’s hips. The overall aim was to put the ball through a ring. Some reports even suggest that the game was often combined with human sacrifice rituals.

A modern version of the game is known is ulama and it is still played today in parts of Mexico, making it one of the world’s oldest continuously played sports. The skill needed and the roughness of the game make it appear ideal as a thrilling multi-player game.

The abilities needed for this game are unique and the complex rules make it highly challenging. In addition, the jungle setting of many of the abandoned ballcourts that have been discovered to date let us imagine a dramatic, unique backdrop to the game.

The Incas Fight for Their Territory

The Inca Empire was home to the biggest civilisation in the Americas prior to the arrival of Europeans. Their highly sophisticated culture first appeared in Peru in the 13th century and was killed off by the Spanish just three centuries later.

A game based on this civilisation could see players explore their vast territories using their many stone paths. These paths are said to have helped teams of messengers to deliver fresh fish from the coast to the distant, high-altitude capital of Cusco. The glorious colonial city of Cusco would then make a fantastic setting for a large scale battle.

Meanwhile, the Ransom Room in Cajamarca is where the Inca rule finally ended. The last Emperor was captured and killed here, despite giving his captors a room filled with gold as a ransom. Finally, perhaps surviving players could make a desperate dash for freedom to the magical lost city of Machu Picchu.

It is clear that there are numerous unexplored ideas that could lead to terrific games based on the Inca and Aztec civilisations.