It was only a matter of time before game subscription services came along to shake up the way video games are marketed and sold. The influence of Netflix across the entertainment industry has been incredibly strong, and console companies have embraced it. Microsoft was quick to get its game platform going, and the Xbox Game Pass has been met with widespread approval. There is a strong argument to suggest that this could be the best game subscription service on the market right now.

Microsoft Correctly Identified Trends in the Entertainment Industry

There have been various trends in the entertainment industry in recent years that Microsoft was right to pay attention to. In the gaming industry players are always trying to get as much value as possible. This has been seen in mobile games, which can often be played for free first, and online casino games which always come with attractive bonuses. For example, if you look at the official BonusFinder UK Website, you will see that there are numerous no deposit and free spins bonuses for players to take advantage of. Players even have a chance to win money before they invest any of their own.

The other trend that Microsoft identified was the library model. Netflix and Spotify are two of the most successful companies in the entertainment business, thanks to the desire of the masses to have access to a wealth of content for a low monthly fee. These services are rendering other options obsolete. Indeed, it seems fair to assume that pay-per-view films could soon be on the way out.

Plenty of Great Games in the Library

After correctly assuming that the gaming industry would soon start following the library subscription model, Microsoft swiftly worked on turning its offering into a market leader. In the years ahead, console sales could be based on which device has the best platform, and this could represent an opportunity for Xbox to overtake PlayStation.

Game Pass had 15 million subscribers before the Series X was even released. Players were able to see that Microsoft was providing amazing value for a relatively low monthly fee. At the time of writing, Game Pass Ultimate can be purchased for £10.99 per month, and players get access to more than 100 games. These aren’t just any old games either. They’re some of the best titles on the market. Players can instantly play offerings like FIFA 21, Grand Theft Auto V, and Rainbow Six Siege. Game Pass subscribers also get the privilege of being able to play brand new titles as soon as they are released.

While the Game Pass may not give players the chance to play all the games they want, it certainly has more than enough on offer to warrant the monthly price. In fact, some players have even referred to it as too good to be true and worry that it may not last. The thing is, though, with Game Pass delivering this much, competitors are also forced to lower their prices and offer more games. Therefore, the most likely outcome is that Xbox’s platform will get even better in the years ahead.