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Gears 5 only recently unveiled former WWE Superstar Dave Bautista as an optional re-skin and voiceover for Marcus Fenix in its campaign, but now there are even more wrestling additions. Prepare for the power of positivity as The New Day are ready to tag into the Gears multiplayer scene as playable characters. So, let’s check out The New Day Bundle and see whether you’ll possess the credentials to nab it for free, or have to pay a fee.

Easily one of the most popular and successful tag teams/stables in WWE history, The New Day are looking to garner even more popularity by infiltrating Gears 5. That’s right, the tremendous trio of Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are officially debutants as multiplayer characters. The New Day Bundle includes these WWE Superstars in custom COG (Coalition of Ordered Governments) armor inspired by their always attention-grabbing ring gear, unique weapon skins, and over 700 lines of newly recorded battle chatter to add authenticity. There’s also a New Day banner, bloodspray and mark, to ensure you’re fully kitted out with the theme.

For anyone wanting to get their hands on The New Day Bundle, venture through the hordes of other folks desiring it and reach the Xbox Store. From now until 4th December, it’s available for free thanks to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks program – so if you’re a subscriber, you’re sorted. Everyone else however, will have to spend a fairly pricey £16.50 to embrace the WWE Superstars. 

Furthermore, check out WWE’s Survivor Series PPV this Sunday at midnight, because The New Day have a special surprise in store for us. Until then though, let us know whether you’ll be giving Gears 5 another whirl, especially on Xbox Series X with its fancy new optimisation.

DLC Description:

Jump into the ring with the ultimate Tag Team Champions – The New Day. Includes WWE Superstar Big E, WWE Superstar Kofi Kingston and WWE Superstar Xavier Woods character skins, a weapon skin set and some extras. Includes: • WWE Superstar Big E character skin • WWE Superstar Kofi Kingston character skin • WWE Superstar Xavier Woods character skin • The New Day weapon skin set • The New Day banner • The New Day bloodspray • The New Day mark

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