August 2020 has felt like a sparse month, at least in terms of easy Gamerscore. Many brilliant games have been released, but it seems as if the majority are lacking that easy first achievement to draw us hunters in. Fear not though, we still have your back so let’s jump straight in to some of the easiest and most simple Xbox achievements you could be grabbing from the Xbox One games released over the last month.

Road to Guangdong – 50G – Keys for Sandy

Road to Guangdong

Just sneaking in towards the back end of the month is Road to Guangdong; a game that mixes roadtripping, visual novels and car mechanic simulators all into one. Sadly though, our review wasn’t overly positive. But it does promise some easy Gamerscore.

At the start of the game the character you play as, Sunny, receives the terrible news that a parent has died. In their last wishes though, they leave Sunny the family restaurant and a car. Sunny decides the restaurant is in need of some TLC and plan a roadtrip with her auntie to visit other family members dotted throughout China and get their input.

After a tour of the restaurant, you are given the keys for the car. It is, however, it’s a bit of a banger and in constant need of repairing. But it is the only car you have access to. Hopefully the 50G achievement for being given the keys should ease the burden.

Project Cars 3 – 10G – Here’s the Keys

Project CARS 3

Project Cars 3 is a racing game where you race a variety of cars in an attempt to finish in first position. Let’s not beat around the bush here, this is the very definition of a ‘gimme’ achievement.

All you need to do is purchase your first car for the 10G. It’s up there with achievements for having to score a goal in FIFA, kill an enemy in Call of Duty or dying in Dark Souls; it simply cannot be missed. It would be harder to not get it when loading the game up.

New Super Lucky’s Tale – 5G – A New Tale

New Super Lucky's Tale

A tiny 5G achievement, but just as easy to unlock, A New Tale in New Super Lucky’s Tale is next.

A remake of Super Lucky’s Tale – that only released on Xbox back in 2017 – New Super Lucky’s Tale is a polished-up version with new features and improvements across the board. It is a 3D platformer aimed more towards a younger audience that is a love letter to the 3D platformers that shaped the genre. It manages to carve its’ own place in the genre whilst remaining faithful for older generations to appreciate.

It also has fairly easy achievements, none more so than A New Tale. To unlock it, start the game, watch the opening cinematic and bloop, another 5G. If you are a Game Pass subscriber, New Super Lucky’s Tale is included in the service so is a free and easy 5G.

Liege Dragon – 10G – A Boy Without Memory

liege dragon

Another day, another KEMCO JRPG.

Typically, a notorious genre for easy achievements, this is perhaps one to entice people in. 

Similar to the previous one for New Super Lucky’s Tale, all that is required for this 10G is to watch the opening cinematic. It would be a pretty safe bet that the rest of the achievements won’t be as easy however.

Max and the Book of Chaos – 90G – The Beginning

max and the book of chaos xbox

Arguably the easiest completion on this month’s list, Max and the Book of Chaos offers a full 1000G for around three hours of your time.

Max and the Book of Chaos is a 2D shoot ‘em up with a delightful cartoon and comic book aesthetic. The Book of Chaos itself is a legendary book hidden away for thousands of years, with the power to open portals between worlds. Why is this important? Because someone has now found the book and opened the portals, releasing hundreds of enemies in our world.

As with many new games, a tutorial is required to ease players into the understanding of the world presented to them. And any good tutorial awards an achievement for completing it. The best tutorials award large Gamerscore, and this one offers a whopping 90G.

HardCube – 100G – Ready, Steady, GO!

hardcube xbox

And then HardCube comes and puts other tutorials to shame. Want a three-figure achievement for completing the tutorial? Forget Max and the Book of Chaos and come over here.

HardCubes’ tutorial features four stages to help players understand the spherical platforming mechanics, but manage to complete them – and you will with ease – and you will have unlocked a massive 100G.

Even the Ocean – 90G – Journal

even the ocean

I always feel that a 90G achievement is a strange number. It feels like the developers wanted to award a high Gamerscore but feel like 100G is too much to offer out. Who are we to complain though; it’s still a decent chunk.

Even the Ocean is this month’s Ratalaika Games offering – the perennial easy achievement games. Unlike the other fodder games they have churned out, Even the Ocean offers a marvellous mixture of storytelling and platforming.

It is surprisingly in-depth too, with a platforming mechanic that offers something different. Instead of a standard health bar, it is a mix of light and dark energies. Have one fill the bar rather than maintain a healthy balance and you will perish. As such, it is important to offer the player some notes on what to do.

These notes are stored in the Journal, and the first time you access it you are awarded 90G. It might not be a traditional Ratalaika game, but it still has traditional Ratalaika achievements.

And that’s our list! If you are after even more easy Xbox achievements, check out our list from July here. Or stay tuned for our September list at the end of the month. As the AAA titles start to release in time for the new consoles, expect to see some big names over the next few months.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve found any super simple Gamerscore givers from the last month. 

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