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Ratalaika Games seem to have something different to launch on a weekly basis, ranging from the visual novel types like How To Take Off Your Mask Remastered to silly platformers such as Balancelot. Their latest release, UltraGoodness 2, is off on another tangent as it’s an action-packed, top-down shooter involving the struggle between all that’s good and evil in the world. 

UltraGoodness 2 is a dynamic shooter with a bit of a twist, because while it’s generally played at a frenetic pace, there’s a clever time manipulation mechanic to take into account. In a similar vein to SUPERHOT, the action only continues during movement and shooting, with time standing still otherwise. Only by getting to grips with this, and making good use of the powerful cat companion, will you manage to destroy Satan’s forces of evil. 

It won’t be easy though, as you try to defeat the enemy hordes, avoid the deadly traps, and decimate the bosses. Just free up your mind and unleash your inner rage as this should allow you to successfully rip them to shreds, paint the world red with their blood, and pile up the corpses, all for the greater good. 

Key Features:

  • Battle between Good and Evil
  • Fast-paced shooting action gameplay
  • Special time-motion mechanic
  • Fluffy white cat companion with powerful upgrades
  • Splatter blood all over the levels

Do you reckon you can you handle the pace and the bloody carnage of UltraGoodness 2, which is out not on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5 and PS4? If so, visit the digital store of your choosing – that’s the Xbox Store in our case – and pay the fee of £4.99 to venture onto the battlefield. The good news for owners of the newest consoles is that UltraGoodness 2 is optimized for Xbox Series X|S and it’s on sale for two weeks at £3.99, so be sure to check out its best version!

Game Description:

UltraGoodness 2 is a bloody mess of dynamic and fun action, about the struggle between Good and Evil in the world. Dark Forces are ready to be torn to pieces in this bloody action game, but now it’s blended with the time manipulation, and availability of permanent companion cat. Kill enemies and maneuver through a hurricane of fireballs! Can you take on gruesome enemy hordes, deadly traps and challenging bosses? UltraGoodness is about having fun, so turn off your brain and show ‘em your rage!

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