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It may only be six months old, but the world of Dyna Bomb on Xbox has doubled today, with the release of Dyna Bomb 2. It promises even more platforming and adventuring by way of bombs – and plenty of bombs at that!

Following the release of the original Dyna Bomb in February, the sequel is today releasing on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. In truth, the original first debuted in 2016 on PC, introducing the world to a brand new way to tear a path of destruction through a platforming landscape. 

More specifically, you will be helping Jack and Ela take a break from their vacation on a beautiful tropical island, to put an end to the evil Dr. Brutus’ sinister plans for the island. You’ll find yourself making use of jetpacks to traverse across eight unique worlds, and of course shooting a variety of bombs at any of Brutus’ evil contraptions. It’s all very Sonic the Hedgehog, just with less supersonic speed, and more nuclear weaponry.

As well as the eight standard levels in each world, there are a number of hidden areas, as well as a secret world with secret levels. Whilst carefully hidden away, the ability to take to the skies with a co-op buddy makes these all the more easier to seek out.

A comprehensive list of Dyna Bomb 2’s features includes:

  • 8 Different Worlds
  • 8 Different levels for each world
  • A unique boss for each world
  • Secret levels
  • Secret world
  • Hidden areas
  • Amazing co-op mode

So, if you fancy helping out Jack and Ela, then all you need to do is make your way down to the tropical island via the Xbox Store. On Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, Dyna Bomb 2 costs £16.74. The game is also available on other platforms: look out for a Switch release on August 18th, and a PS5 and PS4 drop on the 19th.

Review? Yeah, coming soon. 

Game Description:

Jack and Ela are on vacation on a beautiful tropical island. Unaware of DR.Brutus they sip fruit juices and talk about their past adventures. They are interrupted by Dr. Brutus’s voice. A loud explosion destroys the kiosk where they were relaxing and so they decide to make the bad guy pay for it. Thus begins their new adventure and You will be the protagonist. Choose one of the two heroes or both if you prefer to play with a freind. Fly and shoot bombs across 8 different beautiful and colorful levels. Discover secret levels and find the way to the secret world. Buy new weapons and other types of upgrades that will help You on your adventure. Defeat all of Dr.Brutus’ followers and help Jack and Ela to clean up the wonderful island they are on.

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