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Game Pass does the hokey-cokey today, as several games arrive and leave the service at the same time. 

We’re obviously most interested in what’s arriving. Today, you can enjoy the delights of Despot’s Game (Console and PC), as well as Metal: Hellsinger (Console and PC).

In terms of leavers, we have a few in memoriam. These games are no longer available for any of us to play: A Plague Tale Innocence (Console, PC, Cloud), Aragami 2 (Console, PC, Cloud), Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling (Console, PC, Cloud), Craftopia (Game Preview – Console), Final Fantasy XIII (Console, PC, Cloud), Flynn: Son of Crimson (Console, PC, Cloud), I Am Fish (Console, PC, Cloud), Lost Words: Beyond The Page (Console, PC, Cloud), Mighty Goose (Console, PC, Cloud), SkateBIRD (Console, PC, Cloud) and The Artful Escape (Console, PC, Cloud).

Let’s accentuate the positive, and talk about the arrivers today. Despot’s Game, also known as Despot’s Game: Dystopian Army Builder (Xbox has it shortened, as we are all puny of mind) is a bit of a genre mash-up. It is – deep breath – a rogue-like tactics army battler. You are taking your small band of heroes, who have awoken in a strange, post-apocalyptic labyrinth, and applying various classes and buffs to them so that they can survive an onslaught of enemies. 

Convert your puny humans into clerics, wizards, cultists, ninjas and even the infamous pretzel-throwers, and you might have a chance of surviving what seems to be a terrifying game show. We have near-zero idea of how this will play, but it has our curiosity piqued. 

Metal: Hellsinger is a bit more of a known quantity, not least because we’ve had it in hand to review for some time. Think Doom Eternal and you’re most of the way there, but introduce Doom Guy to the hits of Kerrang, and you’ve got Metal: Hellslinger. 

This is a rhythm FPS, which rewards you for killing enemies to the percussive melodies of the music. It’s drafted in Troy Baker for narration, and various legends of heavy metal to provide the soundtrack. Serj Tankian from System of a Down is here, as well as members of Trivium, Arch Enemy and Black Crown Initiate. The main problem will be keeping your crosshair on demons while you’re headbanging. 

In terms of the rest of the month, we’re due some announcements soon, but there are still some guarantees. We are getting Beacon Pines (Console, PC) and Slime Rancher 2 (Early Access – Console, PC) on September 22nd; while Grounded (1.0 release – Console, PC, Cloud) and Moonscars (Console, PC) take the stage on September 27th.

So, are you a metalhead or a despot? Tell us in the comments or on our social media channels.

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