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It’s been more than 25 years since Saban Entertainment thrust the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to an unsuspecting global public. Since that time, the franchise has wowed viewers in multiple ways – but perhaps not in a way that it is right now, as the release of Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid takes place on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid has been created in order to deliver a new modern day take on a franchise that is now a quarter of a century in age. This sees the Power Rangers resplendent with stunning new visuals and vivid details, bringing them to life like never before, all as multiple generations collide.

You see, Battle for the Grid pits both classic and current Rangers and villains together like never before, with team battles allowing you to showcase skills you may never have thought you had. This sees things running just like a traditional fighting title would control, but with a streamlined combat system in play, it promises to be super easy to pick up, yet rather tricky to ultimately master.

Obviously you won’t be found just fighting alone though and an online system will see you going up against friends and strangers across the world as the Power Rangers battle sequences are reimagined like never before, with full cross-play between Xbox One and Nintendo Switch players (and then PC gamers later in the year) available.

If you are interested then you’ll find the Power Rangers battling for the grid right now on Xbox One for £16.74, and Nintendo Switch. Those on PS4 will need to wait a couple more days to get in on the action (28th Mar in Europe and 2nd Apr in North America), whilst a PC release is planned for later in 2019.

Further to that, the Battle for the Grid – Season One Pass is also available. Priced up at £12.49, this gives access to three new characters at a later date, alongside an exclusive Red Dragon Shield – Jason Lee Scott skin right now.

The question that surrounds this whole launch though is a simple one – is Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid better than the previous game to bring the Rangers together… Saban’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega Battle!?

Game Description:

It’s Morphin Time! Power Rangers finally comes to the Xbox One. Pit current and classic Rangers like never before in 3 vs. 3 tag battles. A modern take on the 25 year franchise, Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid showcases stunning graphics and vivid details. Pit current and classic Rangers and villains like never before in 3 vs. 3 tag battles. Test your skills online against friends and players from around the world for endless replayability. A streamlined combat system welcomes newcomers with simplified controls while maintaining depth for the most dedicated competitor to learn and master. 25 YEARS OF RANGERS Generations of Power Rangers collide across the multiverse’s 25 year history. Experience authentic but re-imagined Power Rangers battle sequences like never before. EASY TO LEARN, HARD TO MASTER Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid features traditional fighting game controls. This easy to learn but hard to master game is designed to welcome players of all skill levels.

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