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2K and Turtle Rock have today announced that a new Monster is now available for their 4v1 shooter Evolve. Are you ready to welcome Gorgon to the party?

Gorgon is available to grab right now as part of Hunting Season 2, which also includes the Assault class Lennox, Jack the Trapper and two further Hunters…all of which will be made available before the end of March 2016.

A sly, hideous killer, Gorgon enjoys watching her prey struggle. Whilst she only comes equipped with a small health and armor pool, the ranged attacks that she dishes out will be more than capable enough to hold off all on-comers. Using the Web Sling traversal method, she can quickly pull herself across the map, sticking to walls and ready to ambush unsuspecting Hunters.

Her abilities include:

  • Acid Spit – coats a target in burning acid and can be sprayed onto the environment, making areas too dangerous for Hunters to cross
  • Web Snare – slows a target’s movement and deals damage, making Hunters easy prey for additional attacks
  • Spider Trap – can be deployed at range, snatching Hunters and slowly digesting them while carrying them away
  • Mimic – is a glowing husk that Gorgon sheds and controls remotely that traverses, melee attacks and detonates manually like a remote controlled bomb.

But that’s not all, as in addition to Gorgon, two free adaptations will join the Evolve lineup in the coming weeks, providing alternate character variants that combine new looks, effects, audio and gameplay into unique new playable Hunters. Blitz Markov will trade damage reliability for increased damage potential that grows over time whilst Rogue Val excels at keeping multiple teammates healed at short range and increases her damage output, at the cost of decreased healing range and item utility.

Evolve is out right now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Fancy checking out our review if you haven’t already done so?


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