It might be called Rocksmith and it may well promise to be the quickest way to learn guitar, but that doesn’t mean we have to be limited to the hardcore rock scene with any DLC. After seeing numerous new tunes arrive in the library over the years, it’s now time for a bit of Hip Hop to hit the scene – and who better to provide it than Run-DMC.

Coming straight out of the New York music scene, Run-DMC were easily one of the most influential and famous of Hip Hop pioneers, taking down the ‘80s music scene with aplomb. Now though they are back to deliver a new Rocksmith song pack full of their best tunes.

Priced up at £6.39, the Run-DMC Song Pack for Rocksmith 2014 Edition and Rocksmith Remastered contains the following:

  • It’s Tricky
  • King of Rock
  • Rock Box

Of course, as is usually the way you can also pick up each of the tracks individually for £2.39. That’s quite possibly going to be the route many Rocksmith rockers take too as It’s Tricky is something that many will find hard to ignore.

The Xbox Store will sort out those players on Xbox One and Xbox 360, whilst the PlayStation equivalent will happily allow PS3 and PS4 guitarists looking for a piece of the action the same opportunity.

Will you be heading on in to a bit of guitar practice with Rocksmith and the Run-DMC Song Pack? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments section below.

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