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Euler, Quat, and Roo are the stars of Kine, the latest musical based puzzler to hit Xbox One, and they are in need of your help as they aspire to become musical marvels. Will you be able to help them?

Kine is available to purchase and download right this very minute on Xbox One, as the BioShock Infinite’s Senior Technical Animator and co-creator of Flame in the Flood, Gwen Frey, goes solo to deliver something pretty special. 

Priced up at £16.74, Kine will see you embarking on a wonderful journey full of beat and vibe as you help three daring machines reach their dreams of becoming musicians. With a detailed theatrical dreamscape in place, and you tasked to solve variety of increasingly difficult 3D puzzles, if you’re in the market for something a bit neat, and full of quality, then Kine should be it. The question is, do you have what it takes in the brain department to help guide Euler, Quat, and Roo as they struggle to form a band and find their big break?

You can find out more about how Kine on Xbox One plays out by holding tight for our upcoming review of the game, but should you be tempted by the brilliant visuals, or even the announcement trailer below, and wish to just slam your bucks down and get a purchase in, then the Xbox Store will sort you out.

Game Description:

Kine is a 3D narrative puzzle game about three daring machines that aspire to be musicians. Embark across a theatrical dreamscape by solving a wide variety of increasingly difficult 3D puzzles. Guide Euler, Quat, and Roo as they struggle to form a band and find their big break!


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