That’s right… GAT IS BACK! And right now you can recruit him for your Agents of Mayhem!

Available now as a standalone DLC purchase, the iconic Johnny Gat was once hidden away behind a pre-order firewall. Now though he’s being let out and is available to team up with your motley crew of Agents full time.

With revenge on his mind, the best damn cop that Seoul has got will no doubt ensure that the forces of LEGION will pay… one way or another.

If you didn’t previously pick up Gat as a pre-order bonus prior to Agents of Mayhem releasing, but really must get your hands on the man himself, then the Xbox Games Store will put the call in. £3.99 is all he’s asking for payment too.

Seems like a bargain to us!

If you wish to know more about the Agents of Mayhem, and whether the open world that they inhabit is worth entering, then make sure you hit up our full review. In a nutshell though – if you liked Saints Row, you’re going to love this!

DLC Description:

Gat is back! He was “the best damn cop Seoul’s got.” Now he’s a man with just one thing on his mind: revenge, and somehow, someway, LEGION’s gonna pay.


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