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Hot on the heels of their release of tricky platformer Elliot today, publishers JanduSoft have another title up their sleeves in the form of a local co-op experience. Prepare to join forces with your nearest and dearest to overcome the monsters of Spirit Arena as it arrives on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

In Spirit Arena, you’ll be able to take control of powerful wizards alongside a co-op partner locally – although it is playable in a solo capacity too. These two sorcerers have caused a real mess you see, after trying to summon monsters from a secret realm, things didn’t quite go to plan. The monstrous creatures are too strong to tame and now waves of such demons are flowing into this world. Clearly, the only option left is to face up against the dangerous foes and stop them from running amok.

Each of the nine playable characters is able to fire either physical spells (red) or spiritual spells (blue) and depending which you cast at the time, it will only collide with an enemy of the matching colour. Through this gameplay, you’ll have to clear waves of monsters, collect many of the 100+ items available, and increase your overall power enough to defeat the bosses within the four different areas.

Whether you go it alone, or battle with a buddy beside you, Spirit Arena is awaiting your sorcery skills to put an end to the carnage. All you need to do is cast your eyes over to the Xbox Store – or another digital store of your preferred platform – and pay up a mere £4.99 to get involved!

Game Description:

Fight incoming waves of monsters with a friend! Control powerful wizards as you free 4 different worlds from the grasp of those evil beings. Unlock new content and take on the greatest challenges of Spirit Arena! “About this Game As two sorcerers try to summon and tame powerful monsters from a secret realm, their experiment fails and leads waves of demons into our world. Strengthening their will, they decide to face this great threat and defeat the calamities that are now running free! Gameplay Spirit Arena is playable in a solo mode or as a local two-player game. Each character can fire either physical spells (red) or spiritual spells (blue) that will only collide with matching enemy. Clean waves, collect items, and increase your power to defeat the boss of all four areas. Features – Four worlds with four difficulty levels each – 100+ items – 2-player local co-op – 9 playable characters – Short gaming sessions (10-20 minutes) – Lots of achievements! – No microtransactions!”

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