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It seems like the anime scene is one that is ripe for turning into tag team fighting video games and with the launch of One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows we finally get the opportunity to join the Hero Association and set our sights on a being so powerful that they can finish any fight with just one punch!

Pushed out by Bandai Namco to finally allow us the chance to discover a One Punch Man experience on console and PC, A Hero Nobody Knows is the latest anime trick to make the transition to the gaming landscape, coming across as a dynamic 3v3 fighting affair in which you are the ultimate hero.

Priced at £49.99 for the Standard Edition, One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows will see you creating your own unique hero before taking them into the fight, utilising multiple powers and abilities while enjoying the draw of the most iconic of characters ported straight from the One Punch Man scene.

With a story running behind it, and a ton of special attacks ready to be unleashed, you’ll find yourself setting eyes on the mysterious “Caped Badly” named Saitama, a being so powerful that he can finish any fight with only one punch. And if that isn’t appealing to you, we don’t know what is. 

Should you be a fan of One Punch Man then we’d say that a purchase of A Hero Nobody Knows is a bit of a no-brainer. But those who wish to go deeper than just the bog standard experience will also be able to enjoy what the Deluxe Edition brings. Priced at £59.99 from the Xbox Store – or the PS or PC stores, I guess – this throws in not just the base game, but the Character Pass, and the following fun little additions; Terrible Tornado (Pajamas), Genos (Arms Mode), Outfit – Speed-o’-Sound Sonic, Outfit – Hellish Blizzard (Fur Coat). That Character Pass is also available individually for £15.99 should you wish to add it at a later date, while should you wish to grab some extra Saitama-focused content and missed out on the pre-order period, extra outfits and avatar parts are available in the £3.99 Pre-Order Pack.

If you wish to know more about One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows then you’d do well to check out our hands-on with the game from a few weeks back. We will of course be following up those initial reactions with a full review too – keep an eye out for it.

Game Description:

The first “One Punch Man” game for console and PC finally makes its debut! Dive into a dynamic fighting game experience with beloved characters from One Punch Man! Play as your favorite hero – or become one! YOU are the hero! Create your own hero avatar and choose your own set of powers and abilities! Edge of your seat fighting! Dynamic 3v3 fighting featuring events as seen in One Punch Man such as meteors and other heroes.


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