It’s time to expand your Minecraft world as the rebels  join Minecraft on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Available for download right now, the Star Wars Rebels Skin Pack brings 23 new skins featuring some of the most recognisable characters from Star Wars Rebels.

You can pick it up direct from the Xbox Games Store for both Xbox One and Xbox 360. Splash the £1.99/£2.39 price tag and you’ll soon be having the likes of Ezra Bridger, Hera Syndulla, Kanan Jarrus and Chopper frequent your Minecraft World and help you fight off the Galactic Empire.

Full character list is as follows:

  • Ezra Bridger
  • Kanan Jarrus
  • Hera Syndulla
  • Zeb Orrelios
  • Sabine Wren
  • Chopper
  • Inquisitor
  • Agent Kallus
  • AT-DP Pilot
  • Stormtrooper Commander
  • Stormtrooper Tagged
  • Cikatro Vizago
  • IGRM Droid Variant 1
  • IGRM Droid Variant 2
  • Lothal Farmer
  • Gotal
  • Minister Maketh Tua
  • Tseebo
  • RX-24
  • Ezra Bridger Imperial Cadet
  • Commandant Aresko
  • Azmorigan
  • Senator Gall Trayvis


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