Eternity: The Last Unicorn Xbox One

As if the recent national Unicorn Day wasn’t enough for enthusiasts of the legendary horned creature, well prepare to join the hunt for one with Eternity: The Last Unicorn now available on Xbox One. Are you ready to delve into this old-school action-RPG adventure?

Eternity: The Last Unicorn encourages you to lose yourself in the land of Alfheim for an adventure that draws upon rich, Nordic folklore; from the gods and mythology, to fearsomely iconic creatures like Úlfrstórr the Giant Wolf, Jökul the Jotun, and Gullveig the Witch. You’ll be taking on a journey spanning over 12 hours of gameplay as one of two unique playable characters – Aurehen, the young elf and Bior, the fierce Viking – each of which possesses their own distinctive back-story and character abilities.

You see, over the course of this journey, you’ll search for the last unicorn, a wondrous creature that has been cursed, putting the long-standing immortality of the elven people at great risk. The future of elven society rests heavily on your shoulders as you seek to lift the dreaded curse and take down epic bosses along the way. So grab your bow or shield, wrap yourself in a cloak of nostalgia, and get ready to strike out into this untamed land!

To join the hunt in Eternity: The Last Unicorn on Xbox One is fairly straightforward as you just need to seek out the Xbox Store and then pay the required fee of £16.74 – it’s also recently launched on PlayStation 4 and PC. Should you be teetering on the edge on uncertainty about a purchase, then hang fire for our upcoming review.

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Game Description:

Eternity – The Last Unicorn is a fully featured action RPG inspired by tales from Norse Mythology with classic game mechanics that bring a nostalgic feeling to players. Aurehen is a young, pureblood Elf on a quest to free the last Unicorn. This creature has been captured and cursed by witches. Travel through mesmerizing locations, meet fantasy characters and fight to protect Elven immortality. Pursue Eternity! Key Features • Acquire new skills and abilities as you progress through the game. • A fixed-camera system that used to be commonly present in old-school games.. • Level up your weapons and acquire new skills. • Discover and use new and more powerful items as you progress through the game. • Two playable characters: The young elf, Aurehen, and the Viking, Bior – each with a unique backstory and character abilities. • Survival mode that will test your skills against enemies and giant bosses. • Over 12 hours of gameplay. • A soundtrack that captures the Nordic and fantastical themes of the world of Eternity.


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