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The first we heard of Hunt: Showdown was when it shot on to Xbox Game Preview way back in 2019. Since that time though Crytek’s bounty hunting shooter has provided a host of nightmarish opportunities. Now though things step up a gear as the Hunt: Showdown Deluxe and Gold Editions allow players to join the ultimate chase. 

Available right now for purchase and digital download from a digital store near you, the Hunt: Showdown Deluxe and Gold Editions bring together the standard base game – of which you can already purchase – with a host of DLC options. 

The edition you decide to take will no doubt depend on your love for Hunt: Showdown itself and how deep you wish to go, not just into battle, but with the lore behind it. You see, the Deluxe Edition of the game now adds four DLC packs to the original game, with the Last Gust bringing an additional weapon, Llorona’s Heir and The Phantom both dropping a new Hunter into action, and the Legends of Bayou upping the ante even more with two new Hunters, a couple of additional weapon types AND 500 of the very best Blood Bonds. 

The Hunt: Showdown Deluxe Edition will set you back £39.99 – discounted to £29.99 for a couple of weeks – and that in itself represents terrific value for money, especially when you consider the base game itself is a £34.99 purchase. 

But there’s more and the Hunt: Showdown Gold Edition goes even further. This is priced at £57.99 (discounted to £40.59 for a little while) and takes everything that was present in the Deluxe Edition and throws even more at it. 

This time around we have seven DLC packs included with the base game (Lust Gust, Llorana’s Heir, The Phantom and Legends of Bayou are again included), with additional add-ons coming in the form of the one hunter, two weapons of Trick Shooter, the four weapons included in Crossroads, a couple of weapons in the Louisiana Legacy pack and that of Zhong Kui which includes two more Hunters. That is a TON of content right there. 

If you’ve yet to embrace the darkness of Hunt: Showdown and fancy giving it a whirl, these two new Deluxe and Gold Editions are probably the best way to get involved. Let us know in the comments which you pick up. 

Deluxe Edition Description:

In this supreme Hunt: Showdown – Deluxe Edition you will receive the base game and 4 DLCs! – Hunt Showdown (base game) – Last Gust (one weapon) – Llorona’s Heir (one hunter) – Legends of the Bayou (two hunters, two weapons, 500 Blood Bonds) – The Phantom (one hunter)

Gold Edition Description:

The Hunt: Showdown Gold Edition bundle contains the Main game and 7 DLC packs: – Hunt: Showdown (base game) – Legends of the Bayou (two hunters, two weapons, 500 Blood Bonds) – Llorona’s Heir (one hunter) – The Phantom (one hunter) – Last Gust (one weapon) – Zhong Kui (two hunters) – Louisiana Legacy (two weapons) – Crossroads (four weapons) – Trick Shooter (one hunter, two weapons)

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