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Juggle your cheap Star Balls right now on Xbox One


If you like juggling balls and wish to get involved in a new physics based adventure then you could do worse than check out Star Balls…especially as it’s so cheap.

Available right now for those Xbox One players in the North American region, Star Balls is the latest game to promise addictive but casual fun. Priced at just $4.99, Star Balls must definitely comes under the cheap and cheerful banner, as you get fired into space for a bit of a challenge.

Three games modes are in place, and with that comes 50 levels, the chance to earn powerup coins and enough replayability to keep you going for a little while yet.

If you are interested, then you could do worse than hit up the Xbox Games Store and get your download in. Obviously you’ll need to be in North America, but should it arrive elsewhere, we’ll be sure to let you know. For the price, it’s got to be worth a little punt?

Game Description:

Star Balls offers unique game play, sci-fi, physics tricks and adventure to bring fun to a new dimension. Immerse yourself in the most addictive casual available. Launch Orbit, Tess La Coil, or Torque through a gigantic spaceship, avoiding black holes, flames, and killer maintenance bots to win your way to freedom!

– Three play modes and 50 levels keep the fun going.
– Earn coins for powerups to jump, swerve, even go back in time, and much more!
– Fantastic console-quality 3D art rarely found in a casual game
– Character-based play with a strong storyline for entertaining, engaging play
– Three play modes keeps the game fresh and gives you great replay-ability
– Dynamic plugins add a twist and a challenge as you gain the ability to bust through traps, ramp up to warp speed, and even defy gravity

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