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JUJU is a platformer with a cooperative twist and it’s now coming to Xbox.

Available from Dec 9th, JUJU will now also be coming to Xbox 360 via the XBLA, as well as the previously announced PC and PS3.

Coming from Flying Wild Hog, JUJU is a classic platformer that allos for some cooperative fun no matter what the skill levels of those involved. Aimed primarily at parents and kids, JUJU will see you taking on 40 stages in an attempt to help little Juju rescue his father from the evil Calypso.

Playing cooperatively, Peyo, Juju’s best friend will also get the chance to be involved as you uncover secrets and defeat bosses.

Key features include:

– 40 brilliantly imaginative stages of platforming gameplay.
– Single-player, and cooperative gameplay designed for all skill levels.
– Peyo, the perfect starting character for new players.
– Nine giant boss–battles that reward ingenuity over violence.
– Secret areas, time challenges, and hardcore modes.
– Achievements and Leaderboards.

It seems that JUJU will be perfect for those geek parents who wish to introduce their kids to videogames.

Keep an eye out for it on the XBLA soon.

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