I first had the chance to go hands-on with Jump Stars way back in 2015. At the time, it was a fairly basic affair. It did however have a whole ton of potential. Now, in 2017, two whole years after I first clapped eyes on it, the development team at Jamit Games and their publishers, Curve Digital, are preparing the full launch of Jump Stars. I’ve been lucky enough to have had the chance to go hands-on with the game for the last few weeks, and from what has been played, the initial potential that hit me first time round is fast becoming a reality.

Jump Stars is, as the creators put it, ‘a bonkers new local multiplayer party game’. Now, there is no debating that it is a local multiplayer party title, with it being completely inaccessible to lone players. But is it really ‘bonkers’?

Well, yep, it certainly is.

Basically put, Jump Stars will drop you and your mates into a wickedly bizarre game show, one that has been created and narrated by a crazy host who just loves to put you through your paces. In it, you’ll need to work together should you wish to succeed, but at the same time, will be left fighting it out against one another in order to achieve the highest points total possible – if only so you can be acclaimed as the Jump Stars king.

It all works by sending you and your party through a series of super quick fire events and mini-games. Now that in itself is nothing that the party scene hasn’t seen before (in fact, the whole scene thrives on that aspect), but Jump Stars does it delightfully, with well created mini-games and stunningly bright visuals. You may find yourself playing ‘pass the bomb’, taking part in a Doodle Jump equivalent, or trying the exact opposite as you attempt to drop down through an ever sliding world. There are a host of different game types – enough in fact to ensure the party will continue for a decent time.

As previously mentioned, you’ll need to work with your teammates in order to survive the harsh tests on offer, but at the same time, will have to drop in the odd punch and crunch as you attempt to see them removed from the game. All whilst they are trying to rid the playing space of you in return.

There are however only two game types on offer – that of a Tournament and My Game. They both do as you would expect, with the former delivering a random selection of four events, followed by The Gauntlet – a final which brings a hugely frantic nature to the game. The latter meanwhile is your everyday standard custom game type, giving you the opportunity to put together up to nine of your favourite events for good old fashioned fun times.

If you’re a solo player and are looking for your next fun hit, then well, Jump Stars certainly won’t be for you. It also struggles to bring much fun should only two players be in place. It is also hanging out for an online component to be introduced. But should you have a group of mates round and need something to sit down and have a laugh with, then Jump Stars could well be the ultimate party game.

We’ll only really find out once the game launches on Xbox One and PC come June 9th 2017 (with a PS4 release a few days before on the 6th) – at which point our full review will be ready for your perusal. The £7.99 being asked could well ensure Jump Stars turns out to be an utter bargain.


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