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We’ve all played the iconic pen-and-paper game Hangman, but have you ever stopped to think about its sinister connotations? Fail to get the right answer and your opponents has literally drawn a picture of a stick man being hung without trial. At least, it was a stick man in my case. Just a Phrase by POWGI takes that same principle of guessing a word or phrase but without the murder-oriented outcome. But in true POWGI fashion, there is a slight twist to proceedings. Find out what that twist is today in Just a Phrase by POWGI on Xbox.

Available right now on Xbox, Just a Phrase by POWGI will see players given a mystery phrase to deduce. Choose from the four given letters to try and figure out what it could be. After each letter has been chosen, a random selection of four more will appear for you to choose again. Don’t be afraid to get letters wrong either, no one is going to be hung from your actions this time.

The twist in Just a Phrase by POWGI comes from the addition of homophones. Not only does this keep players guessing for a bit longer but throws up humourous solutions. Lightwood Games puns are always on point – check out the likes of Ladders by POWGI or Roundout by POWGI – but here we are getting to solve the puns as we play. The examples we have been given are ‘Making both ends meat’ or ‘Holy owned subsidiary’. The rest I am afraid you will have to solve yourself.

This version on Xbox also comes with 30 new and exclusive puzzles!

Just a Phrase by POWGI is available to download now on the Xbox Store priced at £6.69. Just in time for Christmas; gather the family round for some puzzle solving and earn some easy Gamerscore at the same time. Probably best to do it before they all inevitably slip into a food coma after some turkey and chocolate where they will be less cognitive.

We will have a review coming very soon too, just as soon as we have recovered from the sprouts.

Game description:

A hangman-style word game with a twist. One word in every phrase has been replaced by a homophone to make it tougher to deduce. Like NUCLEAR WAIST of STRIKE THE RIGHT CORD. The new phrases sound familiar when read aloud, but have humourous or surreal new meanings.

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