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Keep cooking as the Overcooked! 2 Campfire Cook Off and Season Pass arrive


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There is, quite frankly, nothing better than sitting down with some mates and attempting to harness the madness of Overcooked! or Overcooked! 2. With a huge range of cooking opportunities put forward, and absolute carnage taking hold no matter how good a chef you think you are, it’s one of the very best party games out there. Today that experience gets just a little bit more intense as new content hits Overcooked! 2 – the Campfire Cook Off and availability of the Season Pass.

So, first things first and the Campfire Cook Off add-on for Overcooked! 2 on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC sees our budding chefs gathering round a roaring campfire. From there, the usual cooking antics occur with 4 new chefs joining the party as they try to rustle up a hearty breakfast and toast s’mores whilst navigating their way around the new tree-top and campsite themed kitchens.

This sees Scout Chef, Bear Chef, Beaver Chef and the bespectacled Owl Chef hitting the scene and whilst skills and abilities across the board are similar, we’re never one to turn down the opportunity to go cooking with a new character.

With fresh ingredients available, new meals to create and more diners than ever before to feed, the Overcooked! 2 Campfire Cook Off DLC should certainly be something to consider should you already have the base game to hand. It helps that it is reasonably cheap too, with just a £4.79 price tag attached.


  • 15 levels! Play 12 new kitchens and 3 Kevin Kitchens with up to three of your friends, from tall tree tops to rushing rivers! 
  • Back packs! These give a whole new meaning to “food on the go” and make working together even more important. Backpacks contain vital ingredients and must be worn by a player in order for those tasty morsels to be retrieved. 
  • Campfires! These must be stoked with firewood in order to keep marshmallows toasting, it just needs to be chopped first!
  • Chefs! Four new chefs are ready to take on the elements and earn their badges: Owl chef, beaver chef, bear chef and explorer chef!
  • Recipes! A favourite in the US, the S’more requires a perfectly toasted marshmallow sandwiched between crunchy crackers with optional toppings. Delicious! Everyone knows that an all-day breakfast is the best kind of breakfast and now players can rustle one up in the great outdoors!
  • New map! Babbling brooks, rustling trees and glowing fireflies surround players in this stunning new map!

What helps even more is the addition of the Overcooked! 2 Season Pass too. This delicious side course includes the Campfire Cook Off as standard, alongside two more unannounced content packs that will see your time with Overcooked! 2 increase even more. It’ll cost you £14.99, and it could well be worth holding back until we get details of what will be included down the line, but should you be a massive fan of the cooking craziness that Team17 have created with this game, will no doubt be found jumping straight in.

To get involved in either the Season Pass or the latest Campfire Cook Off content, you’ll need to visit your local digital store. For us Xbox One gamers we’ll find the Xbox Store the deliverer of the goods, whilst those on PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC will fast discover that their own offerings allow for the exact same opportunity.

Campfire Cook Off Description:

Gather round the campfire for S’More Overcooked 2! It’s time for some camping capers as you take a trek through the forests of the Onion Kingdom. Joining Kevin and the Onion King are 4 new chefs that are right at home in the woodland kitchens; Scout Chef, Bear Chef, Beaver Chef and the bespectacled Owl Chef. You’ll need to chop wood to keep the fires burning as you fry up a hearty breakfast, or toast tasty S’mores across 15 new levels set amongst tree-tops and campsites. Fresh levels of co-operation will be needed for the new wearable backpacks that hold the ingredients the team of chefs need to serve the hungry campers.

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