fortnite derby dynamo challenge pack

Thought you had everything that Fortnite had to offer? Considered yourself as one of the best kitted out players in the land? Think again as the Fortnite Derby Dynamo Challenge Pack is here!

Available to purchase on Xbox One and add into your Fortnite game right this minute, the Derby Dynamo Challenge Pack delivers more style than you can shake a stick at, with an additional outfit, a brand new emote, some super cool Back Bling and a smattering of new challenges which will see you earned some big V-Bucks. 

Priced at £9.99, the Fortnite Derby Dynamo Challenge Pack will have you free-wheeling over the competition in no time at all, with the Derby Dynamo Outfit and additional styles included. That is complemented well by the Quad Roller Back Bling (again, further styles may be yours if you so wish), whilst the Freewheelin’ Built-In Emote is also thrown in for good measure. 

But that’s not all, and like any good Fortnite pack you’ll also be able to pick up some of that all-important, ultra-valuable V-Bucks, with the new Derby Dynamo’s Challenges letting you unlock up to 1500 via the completion of some quick tests. 

With V-Bucks available to be spent in the Battle Royale mode, across Creative and in Save The World, there are many new opportunities on offer here. 

You can find the new Fortnite Derby Dynamo Challenge Pack available from the Xbox Store this very minute. Chances are it’ll be on the other digital stores too – but hey, it’s the Xbox life that is the winning life, ain’t it?

Let us know in the comments if you decide to pick up this latest Fortnite kit. If not, why not? Have you spent all your cash on the recently available Metal Team Leader or are you saving it for the upcoming Last Laugh with the DC Super-Villains?

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