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Since 2016, Kerbal Space Program has been giving us gamers the chance to take charge of a space program for the alien race known as the Kerbals, yet even though the sequel has recently been announced, it doesn’t mean that Private Division have given up with the original, and today we see the Breaking Ground expansion arrive on Xbox One and PS4.

The highly anticipated second expansion for Kerbal Space Program, the Breaking Ground expansion has previously done the rounds on PC, but now it’s time for Xbox One and PS4 players to enjoy the robust nature of this expansion, delivered new ways to collect scientific data and enjoying all new surface in the critically acclaimed space-flight sim.

“These new features were highly-praised on PC, and we are very excited to bring this expansion to all our console players,” said Nestor Gomez, Lead Producer at Squad. “Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition: Breaking Ground enriches their experience by providing tons of new ways to venture across the celestial bodies of the solar system.”

Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition: Breaking Ground Expansion brings several new features to improve the overall gameplay experience. This introduces a variety of all new robotic parts in various useful shapes and sizes, including hinges, rotors, pistons, and more. The addition of these new parts allows players to expand beyond their capabilities in the original Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition by providing the ability to create more complex vehicles and vessels than ever before.

Additionally, and there is now an entirely new way to harness collected data from celestial bodies through Deployed Science. This feature provides a modular storage container on their vessel that allows Kerbals to hold various tools such as seismometers, weather collection stations, and more. These instruments can be constructed on planetary surfaces to relay information back to the Kerbal’s home planet, increasing the Kerbals’ understanding of their solar system.

Further to that and the Breaking Ground Expansion also changes the experience players have when exploring celestial bodies. New surface features are scattered across planets throughout the system and can be analyzed with a new robotic arm attached to rovers, including cryovolcanoes, meteorites, craters, and many more mysterious objects for players to investigate. Additionally, the expansion includes a new, futuristic space suit that is included in the expansion so Kerbals can travel to space in style.

“Kerbal Space Program has been effective in opening up minds to the initial understandings of exploring space, as well as enjoying widespread critical success, with many hailing it as one of the best science-focused games available,” said Michael Cook, Executive Producer at Private Division. “By continuing to update the game and provide high-quality, great KSP content, we bring in more players and pique their interest in the science behind it all.”

Will you be heading back to the enhanced space program? Let us know in the comments as you wait for your £11.99 download from the Xbox Store to take place.


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