When you’ve already dropped four gleaming skin packs for gamers to enjoy, then you may as well keep on going and deliver a fifth pack. That’s exactly what is the case here as Killer Instinct players now have the opportunity to purchase even more shiny skins.

Available right now is the Gold Skin Pack 5 for Killer Instinct. Priced once more at £3.99, the fifth pack in the long continuing line of Gold content packs allows you to kit Cinder, Riptor and Fulgore out with premium gold skins. What do you mean is that it? What more do you want for £3.99? Isn’t shiny gold enough?

When you factor in the free initial purchase of Killer Instinct, it most definitely makes the whole ‘skin purchasing’ ordeal a ton easier to cope with. If you agree, then it may just be time for you to check out the Xbox Games Store and get that bling look for even more characters.

Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts regarding Killer Instinct, this DLC, or even skin packs as a whole, either in the comments below, on our forums or via the usual social medias.

DLC Description:

Premium golden skins for Cinder, Riptor, & Fulgore. This content can only be applied to owned characters.

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Null Void
Null Void
4 years ago