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Xbox One owners have been waiting patiently for Kinect Sports Rivals to release on their Xbox One ever since it was first announced as a launch title for the next gen console. Five months after it’s original launch date, Rivals is finally with us.

Out now in North America, Australia and New Zealand (Europe will have to wait a few more days), Kinect Sports Rivals builds hugely on the original Kinect Sports that was found on the Xbox 360. By harnessing the power of Kinect 2.0 you’ll get to compete in climbing, wake racing, football, shooting and more, as you get the chance to become champion of your household, champion of your friends and ultimately, champion of the world.

Game description:

Kinect Sports Rivals, built for the power of Xbox One, captures your likeness as a champion and drops you into a world of pure competition—with the most accurate and responsive game play ever. Take on your friends, rivals, and the entire world.

Kinect Sports Rivals can be picked up by visiting the Store tab on your Xbox One right now.

We’ll be sure to let you know the second it is available in Europe but for now, check out some of the videos we’ve recently covered.

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