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You need quick reflexes to dodge balls in the dodgeball-inspired brawler Knockout City, that released earlier in 2021. But with increased frames per second alongside a next-gen update, does that task of dodging balls become easier or harder? Well, you won’t have long to find out as it is coming to Xbox and PlayStation very soon.

Coming on the 2nd November, Knockout City goes next-gen with an update for Xbox Series X|S owners with the good news that it will be completely free for new and existing players. There is a bit to unpack depending on which console you have, so let’s dig into the different modes.

Knockout City will follow the same trend as many other next-gen titles and offer a Performance and a Quality mode. For Xbox Series X owners that means a choice of Native 4K at 60FPS or 1620p (upscaled to 4K) at 120FPS. Understandably for Xbox Series S owners it is a little less but with a choice of either 1440p at 60FPS or 1080p at 120FPS, it still packs a punch.

As well as the improved frame rate and definition giving you a few extra frames to time those dodges, the next-gen consoles can offer additional benefits. Enhanced lighting will improve lights for the arena, ball, particles and global illuminations. Higher fidelity textures will be available too that dodgebrawlers can almost feel as they sprint past opponents. Disclaimer: please don’t touch your screen and leave smudges all over it. There really is nothing worse.

Our review of Knockout City gave it an almost perfect 4.5/5 and praised it for being some of the best multiplayer action since Rocket League. The only criticism we threw at it was the lack of content, something that hopefully the last six months and the upcoming next-gen update can improve on. We personally think it is a smart move getting the next-gen update out ASAP because it is a crowded market and any competitive edge Knockout City can give itself will only benefit it long term.

Are you still playing Knockout City on Xbox? Let us know in the comments what your thoughts are!

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