KontrolFreek have today gone live with the very first official performance thumbstick for Destiny…and it looks darn sweet!

We told you previously how KontrolFreek and Bungie were teaming up to create some official gear for Destiny. Well, that time has arrived as the first thumbstick for Xbox One and PS4 with that iconic Destiny logo has arrived.

The KontrolFreek Destiny CQC Signature Edition thumbstick has been emblazoned with the iconic Destiny tricorn logo. Whilst we think it would be an obvious choice, the design for Destiny CQC was finalized only after extensive research and collaboration between KontrolFreek, Bungie and studies with Destiny developers, players and the KontrolFreek community. The height, look and feel of the product were purposefully built to aid and accommodate the fast-paced gameplay that Destiny demands.

A mid-rise stick that comes in at 8mm, the thumbstick is metallic silver-on-black with a hybrid convex/concave thumbpad to decrease the chance of slippage in those tough space battles. The proprietary, rubber composite thumbpad is accented by soft, triangular external ridges, which emulate tire treads for the utmost control and grip

“Our highest priority was to design a product with KontrolFreek that would be the most effective and beneficial for Destiny players,” said Jim McQuillan, Visual Identity and Brand Creative Director at Bungie.

KontrolFreek’s President and CEO, Ashish Mistry, echoed McQuillan’s sentiments.

“We all wanted to make sure that this was the best possible design for Destiny players, and the result is a whole new thumbstick concept,” said Mistry. “A lot of research and love went into these performance thumbsticks, and they are uniquely crafted for Destiny gameplay. We can’t wait to see how Destiny fans react to them.”

You can pick up the KontrolFreek Destiny CQC Signature Edition at suggested retail price of $17.99 direct from KontrolFreek or in retail stores worldwide and exclusively at GameStop in the U.S.


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