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KontrolFreek OMNI Performance Thumbsticks for Xbox One Review


KontrolFreek have been making Performance Thumbsticks for Xbox for longer than I care to remember, pushing out a multitude of products with varying features, specifications and ideas. You can get high-rise concaved designs, you can caress your thumbs with mid-rise convex options, and you can put the lowest of height increments on your standard controller, giving an increase in grip, surface area, feel and overall user experience. It is with the latter in which the OMNI come into their own.

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Before I go really deep into what makes the KontrolFreek OMNI Performance Thumbsticks for Xbox One so interesting, let me put this out there – these are really good. As in, really good. In fact, they are so good that I think anyone looking at any of KontrolFreek’s products or are looking to enhance their game in the hope that they can start to get one up on the opposition, should have these right at the very top of their hit list. 

The OMNI Performance Thumbsticks for Xbox One are minor little additions that really will change your game up. Attaching to your Xbox One controller via the usual method – that of three unique prongs that grip your thumbsticks forever more – the OMNIs add just a little height to your game. A low-rise stick enhancer that brings in just 4mm of extra height, looking on from afar you’ll struggle to really see any significant benefit to having these attached. But just five minutes of gaming with them, and chances are you’ll be sold.

Running a concaved top which incorporates a cross-hatched design to ensure optimum grip, placing your thumbs on the OMNIs will let you immediately feel at one with your controller, providing access to high levels of contact, with little chance of you experiencing any slip or loss of traction through your most intense of gaming sessions. With a little bit of squidge to the outer surface too, these are a delight to use, especially in the platformer genre that they have been created for. And even though they only bring in a claimed 30% increase in the range of motion to each stick – which is fairly low if you take into account what KontrolFreek’s higher and mid-rise offerings deliver – for me, these are the perfect addition. 

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Whether that is because the OMNI Performance Thumbsticks for Xbox One increase the overall surface area of your thumbsticks by 145%, ensuring that it’s nigh on impossible to lose grip, or just because there is little need to make adjustments to your playing style due to the minor height increase, I don’t know. But what I do know is that they are right up there with some of the best KontrolFreek Performance Thumbsticks I’ve used. And believe me, I’ve used a whole ton. And hyping them up even more than that, I’d happily sit here and wax lyrical for days on end about how they have been the most comfortable to enjoy on a daily basis. 

Seriously, I can’t get enough of these sticks and there just aren’t enough words to allow me to express how impressive the OMNIs are. And when you throw in the fact that KontrolFreek sell them in a variety of colours – purple, red, blue, green or black – it just ensures you will be able to find a set that suits you perfectly.

Should you have not realised by now, I’m a massive fan of KontrolFreek’s OMNI Performance Thumbsticks for Xbox One. If you’re new to the gaming scene and have never given a performance thumbstick a go, then these are a superb starting spot. And similarly, for anyone who adores the lower height rises that some of KontrolFreek’s best thumbsticks bring, these are the new champion of the show. End of.

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Massive thanks go out to KontrolFreek for sending over their OMNI Performance Thumbsticks for Xbox One for review. If you are sold by our thoughts on this brilliant product then head over to KontrolFreek direct and pick up a set for $14.99. You should also find them available for PS4. You will also be able to grab them from Amazon.

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